Wednesday, April 19, 2017

L00K: vintage top I ordered via Instagram

I did this shoot a while while back but I never got to show them on tha blog. Here they are anyways. I'm wearing this vintage top that I found on an Instagram account that was selling vintage finds via Instagram. It felt a bit sketchy to order stuff via Instagram but it arrived quickly and in perfect state. And it's super comfy so I wear it all the time. The shoes I had since forever, just as most of my other shoes, as I happen to grow very attached to footwear very easily and can't let go of my good old favorites. 

Also it's weird to see myself with my old hair color as I dyed it twice in the meantime, now it's entirely black and I like it way better that way.

Love to hear your thoughts on this look! xo

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

photoshoot MICHELLE (April, 2017)

Here's the result of a shoot that I did with Michelle, using my new Canon 6d and 50mm f1/1.4 lens for the first time. Pretty satisfied with the result and I'm excited to practice some more with my new camera baby! Thankfully Michelle is always a very willing model, but honestly, it's not so hard to get a good shot of that pretty face.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

HOTSPOT Down Town [Nijmegen]

The most instagrammable hotspot in Nijmegen is probably Down Town, a lovely place next to Bairro Alto in the heart of the city center (near Great Market). The food looks very good and it tastes alright. The place itself is very white (walls, cabinets, white marble tables, floor) and stuffed with plants, making it a dreamlike place to every wannabe hipster-ish person around. I got the acai bowl and a moccachino - which was delicious! I would come back for that moccachino. I took a sweet girl with me called Merle and shot some pretty pics of her blue-eyed face.

As a food addict I still love discovering new hotspots, but I might stop dedicating entire blog posts to a single lunch place in the future - I still got lots and lots of pics of other nice hotspots that I'd like to share anyhow, but I'm just not enjoying writing about hotspots as much anymore, simply because there is often not so much to write about - it's just adoring food in pictures! I'm currently at this point where I'm not quite sure where I want to go with my blog but I guess I will for now just continue throwing all random things on here until I've found out. At least there are still some more Nijmegen-hotspots coming up as I've managed to visit all lunch hotspots around here (well there are not that many haha, but still, it kinda feels like an accomplishment anyways haha).

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