Monday, February 27, 2017

HOTSPOT Lola [Rotterdam]

After going to the Peter Lindbergh exposition (click link for blogpost on the expo), my mom and I sat down at Lola Bar & Kitchen to grab a bite. At Lola you'll find Spanish-inspired food, like different kind of tapas dishes and Sangria. We mixed & matched some of the tapas: gambas, bread and butter and chorizo croquettes - all so delicious!! I liked being at Lola a lot. It's a very spacious yet cosy place (perfect for groups, too!), neatly decorated and very friendly staff! Their bar looks cool with the neon signs & there's a lot of pink everywhere. A must-visit! 

So, what do you think of this Rotterdam hotspot? Let me know your thoughts! Xoxo

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Peter Lindbergh exhibition @ Kunsthal Rotterdam

A few days before the final end of the Peter Lindbergh exhibition in the Kunsthal, my mom and I headed to Rotterdam to learn more about this famous photographer. Even though Peter Lindbergh is today viewed as one of the most influential fashion photographers, to him it is more about the person than about the clothing. Franca Sozzani (editor-in-chief at Vogue Italia) explains this as follows: " [Peter] is not a fashion photographer, but he makes use of fashion to talk with and about women, and that's something completely different." His all black-and-white photographs are pure, minimalistic and timeless and women are portrayed as natural beauties, independent, authentic, and feminine. From the 80s on, he was important in shaping fashion photography into what we know today. He was also of utter importance in the careers of some well-known 'supermodels', like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista. He worked with many famous couturiers and was decisive for their visual identity. 

Peter Lindbergh: "You cannot just ignore everything that happens in the world. It wouldn't be challenging if fashion photography would be exclusively about fashion." His photographs show raw, realistic people and attack contemporary issues in society, like peace protests, gender issues and emancipation of women. He gets his inspiration from film, dance and industrial landscapes. Especially in fashion photography, he breaks the established esthetic rules with his unique vision on photography and society. 

When going around the exhibition, we were stunned by his work. Especially his photos of people are incredible and powerful. Seeing those photos in immense size left me speechless. We were in total awe! My mom, who is not particularly interested in photography or art of any kind, got so excited about the expo as well. We did not only get to see many of his famous photographs, but also a lot of his personal notes, behind-the-scene polaroids, pieces of clothing that were worn in his photographs, and old Vogue magazines having one of his famous pictures on its cover. From all this we learned that Peter Lindbergh is a genius photographer, with a great eye for what's of the greatest sort of beauty. He convinced Linda Evangelista chop of her hair. And he was right it would work out mightily for her. 

The exhibition consisted out of different sections, from which 'Supermodels', 'Couturiers' and 'Icons' were by far the most impressive ones. Others were 'Zeitgeist' (about protests) and 'Dance', and even though it was some great work as well, it didn't give us the overwhelming feeling that the penetrating eyes of people in the first three sections had. Peter Lindbergh is particularly gifted with a talent to portray people in the purest, most beautiful way. 

If you ever get the chance to see a Peter Lindbergh exhibition, DO GO! Even if you're not into art/photography, it is hard to not fall in love with his work. 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

golden crosses on a blue velvet dress

Heeeeeeeeyyyy guys n gurls! Yesterday I decided to do a photoshoot together with my two favorite pieces of furniture in the house, a Chesterfield couch & a Persian rug, while wearing my little blue velvet with golden crosses dress and dotted tights. The dress is super comfortable- No, what do I say? All these things are super comfortable! Okay, the couch is a bit small so not very suitable for some laying-down TV watching, but I'm not a bingewatcher anyways. I love going online and search for second hand furniture- it's true that you get more fun out of it when you get it for cheap! 

I've been wearing this dress a lot lately, around Christmas with all the formal dinners that come with it. This dress makes it soooo easy to look fabulous! And that's true for a lot of other dresses as well. That's the best and weirdest thing about fashion: unlike other things in the world, it's not ironic in a way that the best things have the worst outcomes. You know, the way that the best food is the most unhealthy & makes you fat. In fashion it's the other way around: the easiest piece of fashion (the dress!) looks the best! And it does look great on every girl! I'm super pro-dresses and will encourage all to buy many, many more (second hand is better!).

Even though a dress looks nice on you, it's not the most sophisticated type of fashion: not much genius combining is done here. Oh well, sometimes less = more. I would ruin this dress by overdoing it with accessories and additional pieces of clothing. 

It's been a while again since I last posted something to this blog. February has been a terrible month for my precious weblog! I feel ashamed but I shouldn't. I'm still figuring out how to fit everything I got to do into the little amount of time that a week holds. I wished I would for once just focus on a single project instead of a dozen, but I guess I will never learn! 

Oh, before I forget: all pictures in this post were taken by Mitchell (Here you go boy).

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