Saturday, October 31, 2015

STYLE black midi dress

Pictures taken by Mitchell (it was his first outfit-pictures-taking experience)

Hi U! These pictures are from when I was still in lovely Madrid. I am currently working on a picture album about our trip to Madrid, so if you want to know and see more of that trip, keep checking my blog!
Nowadays I am not worrying too much about what I wear. I like to keep it simple, classy and comfy (not as in "sweatpants comfy"; When I was younger I would feel most comfy in clothes that were most extraordinary, now my definition of comfy includes a lot of black). This dress is one of my favorites. The fabric is so incredibly soft! Also it's quite easy to wear since you don't have to think too long about how to combine it, you just pull it on and you're done! The bag is my favorite from my bags-I-got-for-free collection. This one came with a pair of vintage  Levi's shorts. It really goes with everything and I just can't get over how handy these kind of bags are, you just dump all your crap in it & you're done! (also check out the selfie stick sticking out of my bag, I was crazy about that thing but then it broke and I never got another one so any more selfie stick selfies are out of the question).
I'm usually not really a sneaker kind of girl (except for my worn off all stars), but when I got this dress and then I got another black dress, I felt like I needed a pair of sneakers that could go with them because those all stars looked terrible! So I got these and well yeah I guess I kinda do like sneakers now (Don't know how that happened to the high heels loving girl I am).


Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Hey! Somewhat later than expected, here it is, a new post on the blog! I'm in the middle of my midterms, but with the last exam coming up I really needed to get out of it for a little bit. So here I am, presenting to you another hotspot. On my blog these hotspots will mainly include culinary hotspots in the city of Nijmegen, where I'm from, but there will probably also be a bunch of hotspots in other cities as well since I like to go around in our tiny country. Dinner is absolutely my favorite meal of the day (actually I could have dinner any time of the day) and I especially love going out for dinner (this is also something I grew up with since my dad happens to share this love with me). I have a couple of all-time favorites, but I also really enjoy trying out new places (I actually keep a To-Eat list, its truly endless). It was my second time eating at De Firma, though the great thing about restaurants is they have an entire MENU so even if you go for a second round, it may be a totally different experience (this does not apply to my all-time favorites, since I have a standard order for each of them).

So this time at De Firma I took one of my best friends, Anne, with me. Anne is one of the very first friends I made in high school and we happen to be friends until today. Lately we don't see each other that often since Anne moved up to Groningen to attend college there, but we make up for this by regularly sending each other long e-mails about the details in our lives. Anne is the kind of girl that always knows the right thing to say and she also so down-to-earth that she can always make me see things from a more objective perspective when I don't get the heck of it.
Anne is also the kind of girl that will beg me to go and get pizza when we are actually on our way to go have dinner somewhere. This is what I really like about her, but I won't let her have pizza on our way to the restaurant. Still we do share a love for food, so she is the most perfect dinner date partner you could imagine, because with her it's perfectly fine to eat too much.

Something about De Firma: De Firma is a restaurant that serves tapas-like food, including small dishes of street food from all over the world. What you do is, you order 3 different dishes that you can share together (or not, of course, it's totally fine by me if you eat it all by yourself). Then when you're finished, you can order like 3 more, and that's when you're supposed to be stuffed, but you can always add another round. De Firma promotes itself by declaring that they are "different than others" and "against the ordinary", and you will see this in the way the restaurant is furnished - you are sitting on old school chairs (as in actual school chairs) and they use light bulbs for lamps. Also when you order something, you are supposed to write it down on the brownish piece of paper that functions as a table cloth. But most importantly: their food is really good! So you should go there, period.

Thanks for reading about my food-experience at De Firma! Have you ever been there? Let me know if you enjoyed is just as much as I did! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SHOOT June 2015

Model: Eva Groothuizen

THESE PICTURES where taken last summer but I still really like how they turned out, and at the same time they remember me of how much I miss summer. Although I am looking forward to winter, to watching movies while drinking hot chocolate, to Christmas and to playing in the snow, but I feel like in summer the opportunities are endless. In winter much of what I like to do is not possible, or is not comfortable to do, when the weather is wet and cold. Like how would I be able to take pictures like the ones above in winter? It's true though that there are always opportunities to do great photoshoots, even during winter. And summer too has some disadvantages: I am never able to be in pictures because my eyes are red swollen and tearing due to my allergies. Still summer is my favorite.
What more is to say about these photos? Pictures speak more than a thousand words, they say. I can do no more than agree with them and let my photos speak for me.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Night in Amsterdam

A night out in iPhone snapshots.

These are some of the snapshots that I took on my stupid iPhone 5c. Stupid - in this century we may expect from a phone to be our most loyal friend, to whom we can trust all our silly, awkward details, secrets and desires, someone who stands by our side in the good times and the bad, a guardian angle, without whom we feel lost and vulnerable - unfortunately my iPhone 5c does not meet these expectations. With its 8GB internal memory, which is in fact no more than a pitiful 5, it cannot keep up with my desperate urge to take an endless stream of photos to capture basically everything that catches my eye - so it keeps bothering me with annoying messages like "Can't take photo. There's no space available, make room by deleting existing photos or videos", that I automatically ignore because I refuse to delete any pictures! I rather delete some apps that I use only incidentally, or some that I use on a regular base, like Spotify (which takes up like half of your phone's internal memory), but that doesn't matter as long as it's not instagram because I would rather live without music than without instagram. Sometimes I have no other option than to use snapchat to satisfy my picture taking needs, and snapchat picture quality is even worse than iPhone 5C picture quality! This is another reason why I despise my cell phone, the pictures it lets me take look horribly grainy and disgusting. So the pictures you see above is the best I can make of it, thanks to vsco cam. Cell phone picture quality may not even come close to Canon quality, but cell phone photos do provide an accurate impression of what nightlife looks like, plus it's easier to take pictures while others don't notice, so the pictures turn out to be more "natural".

I like to take pictures when going out. I like the neon lights that illuminate the city. I like the disco lights  that crawl over the walls and on the floor, illuminating peoples faces for a split second, then leaving them in the dark, swirling on the beat of the music. I like how worn out shoes dance on a sticky and gross dance floor, girls' long hair swinging happily on their backs. I want to capture all of those things and at the same time capture our personal experience of a specific night. Pictures don't capture the stinky smell of beer and sweat that drifts in our nostrils, or the way our hair and clothes are soaking wet of beer, or the freezing cold that hits us when we step outside. It doesn't capture any of those things, and thus makes nightlife look more pleasant than it truly is.

I haven't been going out in Amsterdam very often yet, but now my friend Michelle has moved up there we decided to go and explore the city's nightlife. How different it is from nightlife in our own small city! While Nijmegen has one nightlife area, Amsterdam has tons. While nightlife in Nijmegen is more like one big party where you basically know everyone, in Amsterdam you don't know a single person. Still, Amsterdam at night is awesome. There is a great atmosphere, indescribably different from the one I know. There's also something about going through the city on your bike, the city being so alive the entire night! We definitely had a lot of fun going around town that night! I Love Amsterdam!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Solar 2015 in disposable camera photos

A photo diary.

Marjolein. A mysterious filter occured in this picture.
Filter created with just a pair of sunglasses.
A really good cup of coffee.
The most delicious chicken tortilla you'll ever know.
Max trying on his new pair of sunglasses.
I don't remember if I intended to take this picture.
Jumping at the secret stage.
On the ferry.

I like how disposable camera photos accurately reflect summer festival vibes! I usually bring a few disposable cameras (let's say one for each day) whenever I visit a multiple days festival, because if I bring my phone or a digital camera I will probably spend the entire weekend in real anxiety about losing them. Besides, I love the way disposable camera pictures usually turn out! Okay, the couple of weeks of waiting until they are developed is rather annoying, but at the same time there's something about it. All these pictures are unedited. It's the disposable camera that gives them their atmospheric glow.

So these pictures where taken at Solar Weekend 2015. Four friends and I spend Thursday to Monday at the camping and festival areas, while we danced to the different kinds of music at a dozen of different stages, ate way too expensive festival food (25 euros for a pizza is real pain), danced at the beach and in the lake, and spend the night at thin sleeping mats, to hurry out of our tent the next morning when the sun had turned the tent into a greenhouse.

I know it has been a while since Solar, but I am so in love with how the pictures turned out (I can ensure you that the printed photos are even nicer) that I couldn't resist to share them with you!
Have you ever been to Solar Festival? Let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did!.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

HOTSPOT: Paper Planes

The picture that I posted on my instagram @rockslita
It got #regrammed by @paperplanesbrunch

Now one of my best friends has moved to our capital city, I'll probably be spending a whole lot more time in the western part of the country. Amsterdam, when away from the city's shopping centre, is absolutely wonderful! I'm in love with all the Golden Age buildings, lining roads free of the shopping crowd. When me and Michelle were walking down the streets of De Pijp, desperately looking for some good hangover food, we ended up in this lovely breakfast bar Paper Planes. They only just moved into their new building but it already looks perfect with all the details they added to their space. The walls are covered with plans and flowers framed by pictures frames, vinyl records and other pictures. From the outside, Paper Planes looks much like a typical Irish pub, but instead of a dark, smokey room, we found an open and welcoming space inside. The warm, brown colors continue indoors, but on the very right there's a space separated by a wall, that much resembles some kind of sun room, were the walls are white, and sunlight beams through the windows.

They gave us a hard time choosing from their menu! All-day breakfast (How can anyone resist all-day breakfast?), smashed avo on toast and even booze for breakfast were included on the card. I eventually went with fried eggs and bacon (because, BACON!) but I've got to return there at least four times so I can try all the good food that I sadly didn't pick the first time...

Thanks for reading about my experience at Paper Planes. I would like to know if you have been there too & what you think of it! If you love food as much as I do, let me know what other places are worth a visit! Thank you!

Paper Planes, Frans Halsstraat 76, Amsterdam
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