Tuesday, October 6, 2015

An Introduction

Photo by Janne Biersma

HELLO to you and welcome to my new little space on the internet! If you are reading this - congratulations, you've have managed to find your way to my brand new log on the web! Even though this is the very first post to have ever popped up on this website, still your eyes are going over these letters, which means that you are at least curious to what is yet to come. I am very glad about that! Perhaps I am myself even more curious to how this new project will turn out, but I very much hope that it will be something good, and that in a little while this weblog will be filled with a lot of new experiences, amazing stories, beautiful images, and all the exciting things that are coming up. But now I'm getting ahead of myself. First things first. Let me introduce myself to begin with. My name is Sabine Scharwächter (it's a tough name I know - don't bother the pronunciation), I am an 18 years old college student (majoring in Psychology) and currently living in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). This blog is supposed to be my lifestyle and personal blog, where I will do my best to enjoy you with all kinds of things that I have enjoyed myself. This will include anything that I like or experience, and that I believe is worthy enough to share. 

I am not completely new to the blogging phenomena. During my high school years, I have spent quite a few hours on blogging on my fashion blog. I have always loved the blogging dearly. Lately I started to feel a need for my own virtual space that I could use as some sort of creative outlet or whatever, and I began to desire to start blogging again. I also began to develop some actual ideas in my head, but I finally decided that there was no point at having ideas if there was not yet an actual platform to put it on. So here I am, writing an introductory post for my new blog. Note that this will be a lifestyle blog, not a fashion blog. Besides reports on my life as a college student, I plan on writing about things that I have kind of divided into a few categories, ranging from photography to travel to style and even food! Even though I am not a spectacular cook. 

Here are some things about myself that I should probably mention in an introductory post. I love going shopping, although I don't have much money since I moved out from the parents' house, which is also one reason why this did not end up to be a fashion blog. Still, I love fashion, it is just not as much of an interest to me as it was in high school, when I experimented with clothes on a daily base. Now I'm older I do not exactly experiment with fashion anymore, and I mostly try to dress nice, yet too boring for a blog. Still I do expect that once in a while there will be some fashionish posts on here. I also love going out for dancing or dinner, visiting festivals (literally any kind of festival), reading (although the only book I've been reading lately is Psychology by Henry Gleitman and his friends, since I'm obliged to finish the whole damn thing by christmas), taking pictures (either with an actual camera or with my phone, I'm a freaky photo-addict), traveling, discovering cultural highlights or culinary hotspots (I will probably write about this), meeting up with my friends (which fills up the majority of my time). Oh, and I also have this time-sucking thing called a boyfriend. In the things mentioned above there are certainly some of the topics that I will write about on this blog.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! I hope to see you again. 

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