Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Hey! Somewhat later than expected, here it is, a new post on the blog! I'm in the middle of my midterms, but with the last exam coming up I really needed to get out of it for a little bit. So here I am, presenting to you another hotspot. On my blog these hotspots will mainly include culinary hotspots in the city of Nijmegen, where I'm from, but there will probably also be a bunch of hotspots in other cities as well since I like to go around in our tiny country. Dinner is absolutely my favorite meal of the day (actually I could have dinner any time of the day) and I especially love going out for dinner (this is also something I grew up with since my dad happens to share this love with me). I have a couple of all-time favorites, but I also really enjoy trying out new places (I actually keep a To-Eat list, its truly endless). It was my second time eating at De Firma, though the great thing about restaurants is they have an entire MENU so even if you go for a second round, it may be a totally different experience (this does not apply to my all-time favorites, since I have a standard order for each of them).

So this time at De Firma I took one of my best friends, Anne, with me. Anne is one of the very first friends I made in high school and we happen to be friends until today. Lately we don't see each other that often since Anne moved up to Groningen to attend college there, but we make up for this by regularly sending each other long e-mails about the details in our lives. Anne is the kind of girl that always knows the right thing to say and she also so down-to-earth that she can always make me see things from a more objective perspective when I don't get the heck of it.
Anne is also the kind of girl that will beg me to go and get pizza when we are actually on our way to go have dinner somewhere. This is what I really like about her, but I won't let her have pizza on our way to the restaurant. Still we do share a love for food, so she is the most perfect dinner date partner you could imagine, because with her it's perfectly fine to eat too much.

Something about De Firma: De Firma is a restaurant that serves tapas-like food, including small dishes of street food from all over the world. What you do is, you order 3 different dishes that you can share together (or not, of course, it's totally fine by me if you eat it all by yourself). Then when you're finished, you can order like 3 more, and that's when you're supposed to be stuffed, but you can always add another round. De Firma promotes itself by declaring that they are "different than others" and "against the ordinary", and you will see this in the way the restaurant is furnished - you are sitting on old school chairs (as in actual school chairs) and they use light bulbs for lamps. Also when you order something, you are supposed to write it down on the brownish piece of paper that functions as a table cloth. But most importantly: their food is really good! So you should go there, period.

Thanks for reading about my food-experience at De Firma! Have you ever been there? Let me know if you enjoyed is just as much as I did! 

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  1. Ziet er leuk en lekker uit! Als ik ooit een keertje in Nijmegen ben zal ik er eens gaan kijken! x


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