Saturday, October 17, 2015

Night in Amsterdam

A night out in iPhone snapshots.

These are some of the snapshots that I took on my stupid iPhone 5c. Stupid - in this century we may expect from a phone to be our most loyal friend, to whom we can trust all our silly, awkward details, secrets and desires, someone who stands by our side in the good times and the bad, a guardian angle, without whom we feel lost and vulnerable - unfortunately my iPhone 5c does not meet these expectations. With its 8GB internal memory, which is in fact no more than a pitiful 5, it cannot keep up with my desperate urge to take an endless stream of photos to capture basically everything that catches my eye - so it keeps bothering me with annoying messages like "Can't take photo. There's no space available, make room by deleting existing photos or videos", that I automatically ignore because I refuse to delete any pictures! I rather delete some apps that I use only incidentally, or some that I use on a regular base, like Spotify (which takes up like half of your phone's internal memory), but that doesn't matter as long as it's not instagram because I would rather live without music than without instagram. Sometimes I have no other option than to use snapchat to satisfy my picture taking needs, and snapchat picture quality is even worse than iPhone 5C picture quality! This is another reason why I despise my cell phone, the pictures it lets me take look horribly grainy and disgusting. So the pictures you see above is the best I can make of it, thanks to vsco cam. Cell phone picture quality may not even come close to Canon quality, but cell phone photos do provide an accurate impression of what nightlife looks like, plus it's easier to take pictures while others don't notice, so the pictures turn out to be more "natural".

I like to take pictures when going out. I like the neon lights that illuminate the city. I like the disco lights  that crawl over the walls and on the floor, illuminating peoples faces for a split second, then leaving them in the dark, swirling on the beat of the music. I like how worn out shoes dance on a sticky and gross dance floor, girls' long hair swinging happily on their backs. I want to capture all of those things and at the same time capture our personal experience of a specific night. Pictures don't capture the stinky smell of beer and sweat that drifts in our nostrils, or the way our hair and clothes are soaking wet of beer, or the freezing cold that hits us when we step outside. It doesn't capture any of those things, and thus makes nightlife look more pleasant than it truly is.

I haven't been going out in Amsterdam very often yet, but now my friend Michelle has moved up there we decided to go and explore the city's nightlife. How different it is from nightlife in our own small city! While Nijmegen has one nightlife area, Amsterdam has tons. While nightlife in Nijmegen is more like one big party where you basically know everyone, in Amsterdam you don't know a single person. Still, Amsterdam at night is awesome. There is a great atmosphere, indescribably different from the one I know. There's also something about going through the city on your bike, the city being so alive the entire night! We definitely had a lot of fun going around town that night! I Love Amsterdam!


  1. Your pictures turned out amazing even with a phone! I know the struggle 'there is no space... ' haha my friend uses Instagram to take pictures for this problem. X

  2. Ziet er zo gaaf uit! Ik ben nog nooit in Amsterdam uit geweest, lijkt me een hele beleving.


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