Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SHOOT June 2015

Model: Eva Groothuizen

THESE PICTURES where taken last summer but I still really like how they turned out, and at the same time they remember me of how much I miss summer. Although I am looking forward to winter, to watching movies while drinking hot chocolate, to Christmas and to playing in the snow, but I feel like in summer the opportunities are endless. In winter much of what I like to do is not possible, or is not comfortable to do, when the weather is wet and cold. Like how would I be able to take pictures like the ones above in winter? It's true though that there are always opportunities to do great photoshoots, even during winter. And summer too has some disadvantages: I am never able to be in pictures because my eyes are red swollen and tearing due to my allergies. Still summer is my favorite.
What more is to say about these photos? Pictures speak more than a thousand words, they say. I can do no more than agree with them and let my photos speak for me.

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