Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Solar 2015 in disposable camera photos

A photo diary.

Marjolein. A mysterious filter occured in this picture.
Filter created with just a pair of sunglasses.
A really good cup of coffee.
The most delicious chicken tortilla you'll ever know.
Max trying on his new pair of sunglasses.
I don't remember if I intended to take this picture.
Jumping at the secret stage.
On the ferry.

I like how disposable camera photos accurately reflect summer festival vibes! I usually bring a few disposable cameras (let's say one for each day) whenever I visit a multiple days festival, because if I bring my phone or a digital camera I will probably spend the entire weekend in real anxiety about losing them. Besides, I love the way disposable camera pictures usually turn out! Okay, the couple of weeks of waiting until they are developed is rather annoying, but at the same time there's something about it. All these pictures are unedited. It's the disposable camera that gives them their atmospheric glow.

So these pictures where taken at Solar Weekend 2015. Four friends and I spend Thursday to Monday at the camping and festival areas, while we danced to the different kinds of music at a dozen of different stages, ate way too expensive festival food (25 euros for a pizza is real pain), danced at the beach and in the lake, and spend the night at thin sleeping mats, to hurry out of our tent the next morning when the sun had turned the tent into a greenhouse.

I know it has been a while since Solar, but I am so in love with how the pictures turned out (I can ensure you that the printed photos are even nicer) that I couldn't resist to share them with you!
Have you ever been to Solar Festival? Let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did!.


  1. Amazing pictures! It looks so wonderful!


  2. Ik ben er echt nog nooit geweest! Ziet er heel mooi uit op de foto's :)

  3. de foto's zijn echt gaaf geworden!

  4. Heel gaaf ! Ik heb ook een wegwerpcamera meegenomen naar lowlands en op vakantie. hele toffe effecten. De camera die ik naar Lowlands meenam heb ik nog niet laten ontwikkelen (duur hè) maar degene die ik mee had naar Amerika wel. Toen ik het pakketje met de ontwikkelde foto’s ontving zag ik dat er een paar foto’s misten waarvan ik toch echt zeker ben dat ik ze had gemaakt. Maar ja, jammer dan. Er zat ook een foto van een onbekend meisje tussen, die heeft Kruidvat dan verongeluk bij de verkeerde foto’s gedaan. Wel grappig eigenlijk! X

  5. Waaah! Super mooie foto's je hebt echt talent! Ik vind je blog super gaaf ;)


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