Saturday, October 31, 2015

STYLE black midi dress

Pictures taken by Mitchell (it was his first outfit-pictures-taking experience)

Hi U! These pictures are from when I was still in lovely Madrid. I am currently working on a picture album about our trip to Madrid, so if you want to know and see more of that trip, keep checking my blog!
Nowadays I am not worrying too much about what I wear. I like to keep it simple, classy and comfy (not as in "sweatpants comfy"; When I was younger I would feel most comfy in clothes that were most extraordinary, now my definition of comfy includes a lot of black). This dress is one of my favorites. The fabric is so incredibly soft! Also it's quite easy to wear since you don't have to think too long about how to combine it, you just pull it on and you're done! The bag is my favorite from my bags-I-got-for-free collection. This one came with a pair of vintage  Levi's shorts. It really goes with everything and I just can't get over how handy these kind of bags are, you just dump all your crap in it & you're done! (also check out the selfie stick sticking out of my bag, I was crazy about that thing but then it broke and I never got another one so any more selfie stick selfies are out of the question).
I'm usually not really a sneaker kind of girl (except for my worn off all stars), but when I got this dress and then I got another black dress, I felt like I needed a pair of sneakers that could go with them because those all stars looked terrible! So I got these and well yeah I guess I kinda do like sneakers now (Don't know how that happened to the high heels loving girl I am).



  1. Voor een eerste keer zijn de foto's erg goed gelukt vind ik, mooi lichtspel!
    En toffe outfit, lekker relaxed en toch chic!

  2. Staat je prachtig! En van die zonnige foto's krijg ik meteen weer zin in vakantie haha! x

  3. Wat een leuke outfit, vind de schoenen vooral heel gaaf!


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