Saturday, November 14, 2015

ADE: Hospitaly & PRJCT Music Festival

During the Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 I spent two different nights in the lovely city of Amsterdam. I captured some of the moments while I was at two different ADE parties, to give you some impression of what it was like. Pictures were taken by my highly convenient iPhone 5c.

On my first night (Thursday) I went to Hospitality, a sold-out drum 'n bass party in Paradiso. Click on either hyperlink to check out the line-up. Faye (one of my high school friends, who is currently in Southeast Asia to travel around for 7 months, all by herself!) invited me to go with her to Hospitality, I immediately said "yes", first of all, because I don't really care for what kind of party it is, I am always up for something new, and secondly, when I heard it was a drum 'n bass party, because I trust her choice of parties, because when she took me to a drum 'n bass festival (Liquicity) last summer, my first drum 'n bass experience, I had such a great time. Her reaction to my favorable answer: "Good, because I have already bought us tickets."

One thing that is certainly positive about my iPhone 5c, is that it is great in capturing light shows. While we were sitting at the balcony, taking a break from all the dancing, I took the pictures in the last row.

Some other fun thing to do when taking pictures at some place where there are a lot of (neon) lights, is holding a space bril in front of your camera lens. The effects are shown in the 6th row. 

Apparently I was kind of obsessed with shadows. People's shadows looked so cool on the walls, but because of the changing light and colors it was quite hard to take a good picture of them.

This also fascinated me: there were a couple of dudes wearing black gloves with little lights attached to the finger tips. It was really hypnotizing looking at these lights when they moved there fingers, so they spent the night dancing with there fingers in front of people's eyes. I took pictures of this bearded guy pretending to be some kind of street artist, who happened to have a lot of fans.

The thing I like most about drum 'n bass, is that the music makes you feel so utterly happy. Not peacefully happy, but overexciting, enthusiastically happy! Everyone jumps around to the music (in an almost athletic way - the sweat of some people was dripping of their bodies) and you are entirely free to act as crazy as you want.

On my second night (Saturday), Michelle (who has been one of my best friends ever since we were three years old, but has now moved to Amsterdam, which has always been her dream) and I didn't plan on going to a party, we just wanted to go out in town instead of getting tickets for an event, but then we ended up getting tickets for free for PRJCT Music Festival in the Amsterdam RAI, so we went there along with Michelle's boyfriend Lars and two of his friends.

Music was very, very loud and the RAI was a bit too big if you ask me. The line-up consisted out of some DJs that sound probably more familiar to some of you: Blasterjaxx, DVBBS, R3hab, Headhunterz, GirlsloveDJs, The Flexican & Sef, The Partysquad, FeestDJRuud. (I am also always getting a little bit patriotic when I tell my foreign friends about how many Top 20 DJs are originally from the Netherlands [Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Afrojack, Oliver Heldens, Dash Berlin - this one is a favorite of me and Mitchell - Nicky Romero, Blasterjaxx] - it makes me feel as if our tiny country is succesful in at least one field, the dance scene. Also, don't think of me as if I only appreciate EDM, my taste in music ranges from EDM to Taylor Swift to alternative rock, which includes a lot, I just am not getting that patriotic when it comes down to songs with Dutch lyrics - I can only appreciate that sort of music at certain times).

So after two really fun nights, I can say that I can't wait for ADE 2016! Have you been to ADE this year?

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