Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Have you been at Fika yet? Fika, located in the oldest city of The Netherlands: Nijmegen. "Fika" is a custom from Sweden. It's a social coffee break, that you can have with other people, and it also includes food (yay!) So Fika in Nijmegen is perfect for a lunch date. They have a Scandinavian interior, that contributes to a great ambiance, one of the reasons Fika has become one of my favorites. At Fika you are supposed to pick two or three types of smörrebröd (bread), and if you like you can also add some sweetness, like this delicious piece of cake that I had. I took this pictures when I was at Fika for the second time, this time with my mom. So if you ever come in town, go check this place out!

(While I'm writing this picture, I'm starting to feel very hungry...)



  1. Nice food! Ziet er lekker uit c: that cake especially x
    Ik vond het al beetje een Scandinavisch look hebben :P
    en blijkt ook nog eens Zweden te zijn!
    xx Ice Pandora

  2. Die taart though. Ziet er heerlijk uit! Liefs


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