Sunday, November 22, 2015

My dad gave a lecture on sexual addiction to my schoolmates

"Don't you feel weird that your dad is talking about such a topic  in front of your schoolmates?" This is what people kept asking me that night, when my dad gave a lecture on sexual addiction. They might think I felt somewhat awkward when my dad was using terms like masturbating in my presence. "How is that weird?" was my first respond.With a dad being a sexologist, among other things, I was not exactly used to talking about sex but I certainly did grow up with the thought that talking about sex was not weird (perks of growing up with two psychologists for parents). And how could it, in these times, be still weird? To me that is ridiculous. I don't feel weird, I just feel very proud of my dad. I also felt a bit amazed at the knowledge that my dad still has, considering the many fields he works in. How could one possibly carry around that much information in his head? At first I was somewhat worried about this lecture, because I wasn't sure about how he in general does on lectures, but in contrast to my expectations, he was a lot more interactive and even had some on point jokes.

If you are looking at these pictures on an Apple device, they probably don't look the way that I meant them to look - I edit my pictures on a Windows laptop, but the difference in color intensity between pictures on this screen and pictures on my Macbook is enormous. It's really frustrating, because I think my edits look quite ugly on my Macbook.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for an exchange in Budapest. I have always wanted to go to Budapest, so when I heard the association for psychology students was having an exchange with Budapest, I immediately signed up! After hearing many stories about this city, I can't wait to go and see it myself. Have you ever been to Budapest? What did you think?


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  1. Wauw that's amazing, you should be very proud of him :) Have fun in Budapest! x


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