Monday, November 16, 2015

POSTCROSSING: Mail To Russia & Germany, From Germany & Singapore

Have you ever heard of When Janne told me about this concept a while ago, I immediately wanted to try it. is a project that allows people to receive actual postcards in their mail from people from all over the world. This is how it works: You send one card to someone anywhere on earth, and You receive one from another, random person from somewhere else on this planet.

If you, like me, have a bit of an old soul, longing for times that have already past, that you have never lived yourself... then you might as well understand the beauty in sending postcards (compared to sending e-mails and texs). When I received my first postcard over Postcrossing, I could immediately understand why receiving real mail  is so much fun: the joy you feel when you find a postcard with your name on it on the doormat! Probably everyone has received cards at some point in his life, at his birthday or during Christmas - but those cards you might have expected. For Postcrossing, you never know for sure when you'll receive another postcard (it depends on the distance it has to travel and also on when the other person sends his postcard).

First I got to send a postcard to Sofi from Russia. Because I was visiting Amsterdam around that time, I bought a nice postcard with a picture that I thought best represented the city. If you don't want to spend much money on sending cards, try a thrift shop, they usually sell cards for 10cents.

The first postcard that I received came from someone from Germany.

Then I surprisingly received a second card. Not sure how that had happened, but alright. This card came from Loh, who lived in Singapore. Besides the card I also liked the Singaporean stamps.

The postcard below is the one I am about to send to Lena, who is from Germany. I thought the postcard was really cute (even though it says Happy New Year, which may be a bit early).

I am going to collect all these postcards and I am probably going to put the most beautiful ones up on my wall. It seems to me like just another way of bringing other cultures into my home! Would you want to try



  1. Never heard of it before but this post made me really enthusiastic! I think I'm gonna try post crossing, thanks for this post lovely!

  2. Leuke kaartjes! Ik heb er deze week 3 verzonden. Ben benieuwd vanuit welke landen ik kaartjes krijg. Maybe ga ik ze in een plakboek bewaren of iets, aan de muur is ook leuk :)


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