Sunday, November 8, 2015

THEATER Eline Vere

My beautiful mom

Hey how are you guys? Do you like watching a play? Last week my mom and I went to see the play "Eline Vere", which is based on the Dutch book by Louis Couperus [1889, 19th century novels are my favorite] (I haven't gotten the chance to read it yet, but it has been on my To-Read list for a while now - the plot really appealed to me - now it's on top of the list). So when I found out they did a play based on the novel, I took my mom to see it for her birthday (unlike me she did read the book years ago). The play was absolutely marvelous! Hanne Arendzen, who plays the role of Eline Vere herself, did an amazing job. The play was very compelling - entertaining and at the same time making you wonder about the deeper psychological layers. 

Let me tell you about the story, based on the play (spoiler alert): "Eline Vere" tells the story of a young girl from a wealthy family in The Hague, The Netherlands. But Eline feels constantly very lonely and unhappy. Also she is always very confused about life and her own feelings. Even when she finally gets engaged, to Otto, she feels quite happy for a while, but this doesn't last very long. Vincent is her favorite cousin, but he is poor and a layabout who likes to roam the world, so her sister Betsy is not very fond of him.Vincent tells her he believes in fate, and partly by this new insight, Eline finds herself in doubt about her and her fiancé. When he hints he is not as fond of Vincent as Eline is, she worries even more: Will she be able to make him happy? Eline, going all crazy about all the feelings rushing through her, decides to break up with him. Eline, feeling so clueless, gets into a fight with her sister, so she decides to leave her sister's house, where she has been living ever since her parents died a couple of years before. Then her aunt from Belgium shows up and asks Eline if she wants to come with her on a journey through West-Europe. During this trip, Eline does not worry that much about "happiness" and she seems to be doing good. Her aunt lives a life of partying and drinking a lot, but when Vincent shows up with a friend from America, named Lawrence, this man makes her realizes this isn't the place for her, and he even wants to marry her, but Eline does not yet know if that is a good thing to do so she asks him to wait. By this time Eline has realized she actually did love Otto, and that it was a mistake she broke up with him. Her aunt thinks Lawrence only wants to marry her because of her money. Eline returns to The Hague, where she goes all crazy about Otto and Lawrence and she becomes very depressed, Her own melancholic train of thoughts decides her fate.

The story may seem very dramatic and melancholic (which is not essentially a bad thing, like I love dramatic storytelling), but the way the story is told on stage is intriguing. If you want to go see it as well, click on this link to see show dates

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