Wednesday, November 4, 2015

TRAVEL trip to Madrid

A random pick of my photo collection of our trip to Madrid! Last summer, Mitchell and I wanted to go away for a couple of days, but we didn't want to spend too much money. While we didn't have anything in mind, and at the same time we didn't really care where to go, I run into an ad on facebook of SRPRS.ME. is a travel agency where you can book a trip, pick a date and type of journey, and they do the rest for you! They pick a destination, flight, book a hotel, including breakfast, only for a couple of hundreds of euros. And You Don't Know Where You Are Going Until You Get To The Airport! That is so much fun! Weeks in advance we were speculating about where we would go (Mitchell joked we would probably end up in Chernobyl, so we started calling our unknown destination Chernobyl). We did the "city tripping" type of journey and so, we ended up in Madrid (Mitchell was especially glad about this because now he got to visit Santiago Bernabeu). If you ever think of booking a trip by SRPRS.ME, bear in mind, that you have to make the best out of what you get. So, even if you end up in a town you would never go to by yourself, be open minded and go explore the city's secrets. Every city has something exciting, you just don't know about it yet. SRPRS.ME makes sure that they always pick a city that has plenty to do. It usually won't be some typical city trip town like London or Barcelona, but if they send you there, they probably have picked out a hotel in some part of town that you wouldn't think of in the first place. So they do there best to book a trip that is exciting, but at the same time it is up to you what you make out of it!

So these pictures give you a quick impression of our trip to Madrid, but I have a few hundred more that will end up in a photo album that I am currently working on. During our four days stay, we visited most of the highlights of Madrid, like the cathedral, the royal palace, Santiago Bernabeu, an actual arena, went on a cableway, and to a market called El Rastro and the El Retiro park (with the lake), but we also just walked around town and ate some traditional tapas. We definitely had a blast! Madrid is probably a little bit less touristic than for example Barcelona, which I really liked. Also our hotel was perfect, it was right in the middle of the city's shopping center, so we could do everything by foot (even though we bought a five days metro ticket... we ended up hardly needing it). Walking everywhere made the city feel quite small, but therefore really cosy! The weather was really hot though, and since Madrid is far from the coast, there wasn't anywhere to go to cool off a little bit.

We enjoyed it so much, that we are definitely going to do a SRPRS.ME trip again. I actually bought Mitchell a gift card for our anniversary. Also we made some videos because we wanted to an after movie but my computer doesn't work properly so that will probably take a while before it is finished.

Would you dare to book a SRPRS.ME trip?


  1. Ik wil echt heeeel graag eens een srprs vakantie meemaken! Madrid lijkt me heel erg leuk om eens te bezoeken, mooie foto's ook! Ben benieuwd waar je de volgende keer naartoe gaat.

    Superleuke blog btw, ik volg je!



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