Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Celebrating Sinterklaas with my year club

This is how I got to spent Sinterklaas this year: I invited all girls in my year club over at my parents' house, where we started off the evening by having a raclette grill dinner. I love having raclette food because it's so delicious and I like to over-eat myself with it. After we finished I had a surprise for the girls - Sinterklaas himself paid us a visit! In fact it was only my boyfriend disguised as Saint Nicholas, along with his roommates as his Black Petes. He had something to say about each single one of the girls and he (which is, me) had gifts for all of us: a mug with our club weapon on it! (I know the picture is really bad).
We had also drawn names, and everyone had prepared a Sinterklaas poem for someone else, which was pretty hilarious! Some people don't really like doing poems for each other because they think it's hard to come up with something but in the end everyone likes it because it's so funny.
Finally we played a gift game. I had told everyone to bring in 3 small presents: a nice one, a funny one and a useless one. One by one we threw a dime, and each number was related to a specific action: swap a gift of yours with a gift of someone else, grab a gift from someone else, swap gifts of two other persons, give a gift away, grab a gift from someone and give it away immediately after, or do nothing/unwrap a gift. In the beginning all the gifts were wrapped and you could only open one if you threw a one, but after 15 minutes you could open a gift each time you got a new one. After like an hour the game was over and what you got was what you took home. I think this game is really fun, because of the useless and funny gifts, it's harder to get a nice gifts so some people can get really fanatic, and people start forming alliances and help each other getting the gifts they want and at the same time screwing up others...So much fun to see!
I had so much fun preparing this night - I would like to do these sort of things much more often! Good thing there are many more occasions to prepare fun gatherings in the future :)

at the moment I am very busy preparing everything for Christmas! Can't wait for Christmas to be here & of course share it with you...!



  1. Dat ziet er gezellig uit! Flinke gourmet ook! Fijne kerst ook :) x

  2. Haha, zo leuk! Tof dat Sinterklaas langskwam. En jaaa, gourmet <3. Altijd goed! Al ga ik dat dit jaar niet eten, helaas :(. Er staan andere gerechten op het menu! Fijne feestdagen!


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