Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Meet My Year Club: DJC Querencia

Hi everyone!

I have started college this year and with that I have joined a student society, called Ovum Novum in Nijmegen. Every college student in a town can join a student association (don't mix up: these student associations are different from associations that are particular for students from a specific major) in that particular town. It is a great way to meet new people and make new friends, and also a great way to live college life to the fullest. There are different types of student societies and many people are prejudiced some of them, including myself, but then I decided to join a non-traditional association, which means you have all the pros of a traditional association but not the cons (high costs, extreme hazing, innumerable number of obligations), and now, after being a member for 3 months, I don't regret making that choice!

Being a member of a student society means that you get to participate in all kinds of fun activities and parties (my best tip here is: never feel obliged to drinking alcohol, even though some students like to peer pressure you into it). A major characteristic of a student society, is that its members ar divided into smaller group, either a "dispute" (consists of members of the same sex from different membership years) or a "year club" (consists of members of the same sex who all joined the society in the same year) or both. Being a member of Ovum Novum, this means that you will have to form a year club along with some of the other members in your year. These members will become your friends and will most likely be your friends for the rest of your life. Don't be put off by this: your voice counts in year club formation.

After being in a year club for two months now, I am so very proud to present my year club: DJC Querencia 2015. "Querencia" is a Spanish word that comes from the Spanish word for
"to desire" (querer), and has the following meaning: the place where one feels at home, where one can be one's most authentic self, and it is also a certain part of the bull ring in bullfighting where the bull feels strong and safe. This happens to describe us perfectly well: in our year club we feel comfortable and strong.

From left to right: Kim-Phi, Lise, Eva, me, Marieke, Naomi, Lies, Merith, Sofie. Lieke was not present that day, but you can admire her in the last picture in this post.

We typically have dinner together every Wednesday, and after that we all go to the building that may be best describe as our "club house" (of the entire society), where we have a party until sunrise. But there are often many other activities during the week and you are free to participate in any of them.

It is also an option to become an active member for the society. There are multiple committees, and you can sign up for any of them. I am an active member in the committee for photography, which means we take care of all the photography for the society, especially on Wednesday nights, to capture shots the people at the party.

If you'd like to know more about my student society Ovum Novum, don't hesitate to leave a comment! I'd be very pleased to answer your questions. Also, if you are a college student in Nijmegen or will become one next year, you should consider visiting one of our parties that are open for public!

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