Sunday, December 27, 2015

SHOOT Mitchell 25-12-2015

blouse ZARA / jumper H&M / jeans ZARA / socks HAPPY SOCKS / shoes BLACK LABEL / bracelet BUDDHA TO BUDDHA / watch DIESEL

On Christmas Day, I made my boyfriend Mitchell pose in front of my camera in his Christmas outfit. Best thing about him is that he didn't make any objections so I assume he secretly liked it. Mitchell happens to be very much into nice clothing, accessories, shoes (he owns more pairs of shoes than I do!), and while I don't always like what he's wearing, I like the fact that he does not care about mine or anyone's opinion, but dresses the way he wants anyways. For his Christmas outfit he actually did take my opinion into account, and after mentioning several times that I really liked this kind of style for men, I finally got him to wear something alike (only because, when he finally tried it on, he realized it really did look good on him). I love the way the pictures turned out & I love Mitchell even more!


  1. Ik wou dat mijn vriend dit toe zou laten, zijn echt mooie foto's geworden!

  2. Wow, prachtige foto's! Die ene van zijn schoenen is heel leuk ook :) Mijn vriend heeft ook zo'n ding met schoenen, hij blijft ze maar kopen haha. Ik vind je blog trouwens onwijs leuk en ga je zeker volgen!

    Ik hoop dat je ook nog eens een kijkje op mijn blog neemt!


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