Wednesday, December 16, 2015

TRAVEL: Budapest Exchange part 2

As I've come to realize that I need to put posts up on this blog more regularly in order to make sure that I'll get all my potential blog post plans finished by next Christmas, I've made myself a more strict blog planner that I hope I will be able to stick to in the future. I guess now I've got something to tell if someone's gonna ask for my New Year's resolution as a small talk opening line.

All these pictures in this post were taken on one and the same day, possibly the most interesting day (to me personally). We did a boat trip on the Danube river, which was absolutely magnificent. After we got out of the boat we got to visit the Buda Castle, and we got a great view from up there, too.

Got to take pictures of these girls above. I like how they turned out so I thought it would be nice to share them on here.

My Hungarian buddy for the week!

Going over these pictures, I can't help but missing Budapest intensely! What a beautiful city that is.

The last post on my exchange trip to Budapest will be on here very soon! But first I have to take some exams. I can't wait until Christmas break. I will be visiting Brugge and Prague this year! also I love Christmas and I have actually come to love New Year's Eve as well, since New Year's Eve is just a nice term for having a good party all night long. Do you have any fun plans this Christmas break?



  1. Wat een prachtige foto's zeg. Heel mooi! Boedapest is zo'n fijne stad <3. Ik ben er met Sziget geweest en heb toen eigenlijk te weinig van de stad zelf gezien (maar één dagje daar geweest) - jaloers nu ik deze fantastische foto's zie!

  2. Ik ben een aantal jaar geleden ook in Budapest geweest, wat een prachtige stad is dat! Zou er heel graag nog een keertje naar toe willen. x

  3. I want to go to Budapest so bad!


  4. Ik had je berichtje op mijn blog gelezen. Wat een droomstad zeg, ik heb nog meer zin in mijn uitwisseling.


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