Friday, December 18, 2015

TRAVEL: Budapest Exchange part 3

Here it is! The third and final part of my blog post series on my Budapest exchange trip! I'm just gonna resume where I've left off: after we had an amazing boat tour and castle visit, with a pretty awesome view, we had lunch with everyone together. After that we had some time to ourselves, and I went with a group of others to see the parliament's building from up close, and then we walked around some more. After another lecture at the school, we went to the Advent market, and I walked around with my buddy, got me some souvenirs (I like to collect all kind of stuff that's typical for a country) and had some dinner food at the market as well.

Me and anther Dutchie called Pleuni

After that, a whole group and me decided to go to the top of the mountain that we had seen before when we were at the boat - the view from here was so incredible! In my opinion, the city during the day looks so pretty and lovely when you're walking through its streets, but during night, town is not that interesting anymore, but it surely is from up that mountain! All those lights, it was almost enchanting! It was absolutely breathtaking, there's no better way to describe what is was like to stand up there. I think it was definitely one of my highlights of the week.

At that night, we all went out at a club called 'Instant', that I'll be writing about anytime later. all that I could think was: why isn't our night life anything like this?

The next day after a lecture (which was fairly interesting), we had some street food lunch at a street food market called 'Karaván', where I got  a burger from Zing with some delicious French fries!
After lunch we went to the 'House of Terror' museum, which told us a lot (or actually my buddy told us a lot, since much was not available in English so we didn't got the heck of it without her help) about the Russian occupation in Hungary. The house itself used to be property of the Nazis as well as the communist Russians, so it included some terrifying prison cells in the basement. (Just a side note: While History had always been my favorite subject in high school, I only now realized the little history we got in school on East-Europe. I mean they tell us a lot about the 8 or 9 years Hitler was in charge, but we learn little about the 50ish years that for example Hungary was occupied by first Hitler then the Russians.)

Sanne enjoying her burger

We ended our trip in Budapest with a pub quiz in some typically Budapest-ish pub (imagine all kinds of armchairs, Chesterfield sofas and wooen chairs scattered all over the room). Then I went with a small group to a pub called Szimplá, which was so incredibly amazing that I will dedicate an entire post to that pub anytime soon.

And then, after a short night of sleep, we found ourselves on our way back on the plane.., I loved Budapest and I love all the people I've met on that trip!! Everyone who is not yet convinced if Budapest is the right destination for their city trip, believe me: it is, and for everyone else who wants to do a city trip but has not yet a clue where to go, the answer is here: Budapest. You won't regret it, trust me!

while I'm still enjoying the afterglow of this trip, I'm already packing for my next two trips: Brugge and Prague, Can't wait to go!

Thanks everyone for reading my stories about Budapest, I hope you've enjoyed them!

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