Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 in instagram pictures

While we have moved on to a new year, I'd like to look back on 2015. A year that I'll definitely remember well - as much has happened and much has changed. From graduating from high school to my first date with Mitchell to starting this blog - my life is nothing like my 2014 life anymore. Although I love my life right now, I can't wait to see what 2016 holds for me!

As my instagram feed pretty much summarizes my life, I thought it would be nice to share a couple of pictures that I posted in 2015 with you, along with a short description to each picture. If you want to keep up with my life in 2016, make sure you follow my instagram account @Rockslita !

1. Having a piece of cake with my sister at the beginning of January. - 2. My dad and I in one of the very few successful pictures together. - 3. Visiting Amsterdam with my best friend Eva as my birthday gift to her. - 4. Having lunch at BOTERHAM in Amsterdam. - 5. Celebrating Carnaval with Eva and Noa. - 6. Noa, me and Eva. - 7. Me at my 18th birthday party. - 8. Jan-Dorus' birthday party. The party where me and Merle became friends. - 9. Me and Anne-Mart when we were still in high school and we would drink beer every Friday afternoon because beer is cheap on Friday afternoons. - 10. Me and my sister Veronique on our way to have dinner with our parents at me and my dad's favorite Greek restaurant Dionysos in Nijmegen. - 11. Noa and I all dressed up for her school's gala. - 12. Mitchell on our first dinner date. - 13. My mom and I when we went to Macbeth the opera. - 14. Having a coffee to-go after having lunch at Smaakrijk Nijmegen with Manou. - 15. Cute houses in Utrecht, when I was there to see Circa Waves in concert. - 16. King's Day in Arnhem with Mitchell. - 17. Having breakfast at The Breakfast Club Amsterdam. - 18. Shopping at Topshop, one of my favorite stores. - 19. Dinner with my mom at De Firma Nijmegen. - 20. SMKMRKT with Merle. - 21. Visiting Amsterdam with Anne-Mart after finishing our final exams. - 22. Enjoying the sun in Mitchell's late grandparents' backyard. - 23. Having a blast at Emporium Festival with Anne. - 24. Dinner at De Dromaai Nijmegen with Merle. - 25. This one morning when Mitchell's cat Jaydie came to our room and curled up on the bed with us. - 26. Photoshoot with Eva. - 27. Vintage shopping and drinking bubble tea with Eva. - 28. Lunch at Tati Nijmegen with Noa and Eva. - 29. Me, Eva and Noa in Nijmegen. - 30. Me with my primary school friends Michelle and Manou. - 31. This picture was taken of Merle, me and Marjolein when we had a couples-BBQ party at my place. - 32. When my friend Max had to go to Utrecht for a meeting concerning his new apartment, I decided to come along, so we could have this tapas dinner. - 33. Michelle and I drinking cocktails on a double-date. - 34. Michelle and I at my graduation party. - 35. Mitchell and I and my graduation. - 36. A late-lunch at Cali Nijmegen with Anne. - 37. Park Beats festival Tilburg with Max. - 38. Janne and I both had to go to Amsterdam, so we decided to travel together. I went there to pick up Janella, an American girl that I'd met during my high school year in Texas, who was visiting me when she was travelling Europe last summer. - 39. Besides a lot of other places in The Netherlands, I took Janella to Scheveningen. - 40. Drum 'n bass festival Liquicity in Diemerbos Amsterdam with Faye. - 41. At Solar festival, where me and four of my friends stayed for the weekend. - 42. Our trip to Madrid. - 43. Lunch with Noah during our orientation week at our new University. We would both start our major in Psychology after this week. - 44. Having a cup of coffee with Janne and Max at Bairro Alto Nijmegen. - 45. Planet Rose at Doornroosje Nijmegen with Max, Anne, Morris and some more of our friends. We went two times that month, just because. - 46. 2015 will always be the year that we became a year club. DJC Querencia 2015 will forever have my heart. - 47. A month before this picture was taken, Mitchell had broken both his tibia and fibula at the first soccer match of the season. After having complications after his surgery, he stayed at the hospital for 1,5 week. A month later I went with him seeing his soccer team play from the sideline. He's doing alright now. Even though it will be another year before he'll be able to run again, he is walking and doing alright again. - 48. My last picture with Ivo together. My so-called brother Ivo, who I've known for almost six years now, has moved to Curacao. Luckily, he returned this Christmas for a couple of days, so I got to see him way quicker than I had expected when we took this picture. - 49. Me and Eva. - 50. At PRJCT Music Festival during Amsterdam Dance Event this year. - 51. Me and Kim Phi, who is in my year club, at our association's club house. - 52. Me and Pleuni during our exchange to Budapest. - 53. Beautiful buildings in Budapest squeezed into a squared picture. - 54. Christmas Day with Mitchell. - 55. At the airport on my way back from a city trip to Prague. More on Prague will be featured at the blog soon!

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  1. Ah, wat een tof jaaroverzicht! En leuk dat er voor elke foto een omschrijving is. Bedankt voor het reageren op mijn blog, ik zal dat van jou ook in de gaten houden!


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