Saturday, January 2, 2016

Boxing Day

Some awk in-front-of-the-chrismas-tree photos

Happy New Year!! After being shamefully absent from the blog for the past couple of days, while being busy with life, I decided to continue where I left off. According to my blogposts-planner-thing, I am now supposed to share these typical pictures of us posing in front of the Christmas tree, that we took on Boxing Day, with you. As we look much alike, you might have noticed that these pictures feature my sister and parents, as well as my boyfriend Mitchell.
At first we had a raclette grill dinner (How does that never seem to get boring after so many times?), after which we got to unwrap some Christmas presents (I got some photography tools (a tripod and a flash) that I'd asked for). We also watched the film Avatar even though we've all seen it a thousand times before, but we all happen to admire it a lot. This movie is so majestic! (And not, as many may think, just for Fantasy-movie lovers).

It's crazy how time flew this Christmas break, but it was definitely a good one! In the upcoming blog posts I'll be looking back on 2015, stop by New Year's Eve, have something to say about my trips to Dusseldorf, Brugge and Prague, and there will also be a lot more hotspots to share with you! I hope you'll be keeping up! Xoxo

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