Wednesday, January 27, 2016

HOTSPOT Li O Lait [Brugge]

Li O Lait. Although me and Mitchell both started to get really annoyed by their customers service, their breakfast compensated for it greatly. The yogurt with granola and fruits and honey was really good and I liked the little jar they put it in, and so was my bacon-with-eggs (or is it eggs-with-bacon?) bagel. The interior matched the kind of place a person wants to lunch at nowadays: different chairs and tables, not one of them matching, books on shelves and cans on fireplaces. I liked the way they presented the food: juices in jars with neon-colored curly straws, tin mugs, sandwiches in baskets wrapped in a news paper sheet. The person who came up with that knew what he/she was doing (but they should reconsider hiring new employees - we felt as if they didn't even  notice their customers!) But oh well, we had a breaky that was really goody, so still blogpost-worthy!

This month has been really busy for me - mainly school -, so I've been postponing all my other plans to February, just to come to conclude now that February will be just as busy for me because of all the postponing :) My week-by-week planner really scares me off. The good thing is that February will be more of the fun stuff and less of the school stuff, so that'll be good. But nevertheless it scares me how fast my days are passing by, I feel as if I can't really keep up... I've come to realize that I will never ever have enough time to do all that I wish to do. I guess this is some kind of life crisis that I am in, the one you get when you are adult-ish but not fully realizing it as yet. (Now I finally start to understand why some people are so nostalgic about their childhood. I never appreciated childhood that way because I felt that independence was of much more importance than not having to worry about a thing, but now I get that there is something romanticized about being able to say "when I grow up I will be a singer/actress/superhero/anything else realistically impossible" and not having anyone telling you all the concerns that should be considered first.)

Instead of slowing things down, we happily booked our flight tickets to Bangkok (I nearly tried to translate that as Bangcock, wow I feel so stupid) - Mitchell and I will be backpacking the country for three weeks (I thought, if I wasn't going to do a gap year after high school, I would do my traveling in parts every summer break - I guess it's actually happening now). I am so excited because it has been on my wishlist since forever. If any of you has any tips about Thailand or backpacking in general, please let me know :-)


  1. Oeh, dat ziet er echt heel erg lekker uit! Die yoghurt met granola <3 Echt leuk in zo'n potje ook. Wel vervelend dat de service niet zo lekker liep. Gelukkig maakt lekker eten en een mooi interieur veel goed :)

  2. ziet er te leuk en lekker uit! mooie foto's ook. oh en nice dat je de tickets hebt geboekt! lijkt me zo mooi daar :)

  3. Wat ziet het er fijn uit. Echt een huiskamersfeertje, I love it! Dat vind ik de leukste tentjes :). Prachtige foto's ook zeg! Wauw!

    1. Ik ga hier trouwens een stukje over schrijven in de nieuwe Blog love Tuesday, die komt aanstaande dinsdag weer online. Zo'n fijn artikel :)!

  4. Ah wat super leuk!! Ben heel erg benieuwd :)!

  5. Ik kom niet zo vaak in Brugge, maar deze hotspot ga ik zeker onthouden! (:


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