Tuesday, January 12, 2016

HOTSPOT Szimpla [Budapest]

Please tell me, why can't we have a place like Szimpla in The Netherlands? When I think of Szimpla in Budapest, I miss its perfect vibes, and I believe I have lost my heart to it! I want to thank my Hungarian buddy Ildikó for taking me to this place, quickly sensing that this would be a place that I would love. Szimpla is a so-called "ruin pub" in Budapest - seated into an old apartment complex that they turned into a pub, while retaining a lot of evidence to the apartments that once held so many Hungarian families. To be more concrete: in a lot of Hungarian houses, there is some sort of outside courtyard where the building is build around, and front doors are adjacent to a balustrade. What they did was, they took all front doors and window glass out, but kept the walls separating the apartments from the balustrades and some of the walls that separated the different rooms. The result was that this pub now consists out of a bunch of separate rooms - some rooms including a bar, others just tables, chairs or couches. There is also an outdoor area where they sell food, a cocktail bar, a shisha place, and just a whole bunch of other things you'd like to discover... So, please let me take you to the Szimpla that I've captured into these photographs... :)

In the pictures above you may get a glimpse of what I was talking about when I used the term "ruin pub"... windows are still visible, walls that once belonged to apartments are now covered with graffiti.

Although Szimpla does not shelter families anymore, they decided to keep the living room vibes all over the place. Grandma's old lampshades, books, weird paintings and cozy couches are everywhere. Even bathtubs turned into a couch can be found in a couple of rooms. Every room holds another strange, weird object, so it is great fun to just wander from room to room and explore everything - like in one room they had this huge aquarium, where you could drop a note with your 3 deepest desires and wishes on it, making sure they would come true. Outdoors there was a graffiti covered car that they had turned into a couch as well, while on its left, close to the cocktail bar, was a telephone booth. There where also a lot of things hanging from the ceiling, including a bike and music speakers covered with paper mache boobies. And if you don't like walking around anymore, you just sit down somewhere, be comfortable and talk to some acquaintance or some stranger for hours on.

So if you ever visit Budapest (trust me, you should!) don't forget to check out Szimpla! You won't regret it.


  1. Eerlijk gezegd denk ik niet dat ik snel naar Budapest zou gaan, maar de foto's zijn indrukwekkend!

  2. Wat een toffe plek! Ben ook een keertje in Budapest geweest, maar helaas niet bij Szimpla..


  3. Ik ben nog nooit geweest naar Budapest. Het ziet er zeker gezellig uit. :)

  4. Dat ziet er erg gezellig en sfeervol uit!


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