Sunday, January 24, 2016

TRAVEL: Brugge part 2

While in my last post I published pictures of Brugge in daylight, this post is dedicated to the pictures that I took by night, plus some pictures of "the swan lake". When sun goes down, especially around christmas, Brugge gets really pretty and cozy, with christmas lights everywhere - the kind of place you want to be at around christmas time. I know christmas is like a month behind us - (I'm secretly glad it's over. We all still feel sick of our christmas dinners and candies - and we didn't shed a tear when we saw the christmas tree go, because even though we all love christmas, our love is limited - in this case, a good thing, for if it wasn't, christmas all year around would become boring and we would definitely loose that special christmas feeling in our tummies that reappears near the end of every year - well, I think everyone has it, but I may be too young to know and maybe it won't reappear in my tummy one year and I'll realize I'm old) - but even so, I'm just making some recommendations for next christmas break.

I also took a lot of pictures of beautiful white swans and the one below is my favorite:

This happy face lights up my world every day.

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Now I'm about to watch a new episode of Orange Is The New Black, the first series ever that I am committed to - sort of. I never used Netflix for watching series before because I'm always too busy doing things that are higher on my list of priorities than watching series (or doing sports) is, but Mitchell and I had come to the point where I kinda didn't spend enough quality time on him or undivided attention to him, so I had come to think that watching a series together would solve this problem - and it has proven to be an improvement on the situation. At first, he was a bit skeptical about the idea (we both were not really into watching series), but by now he's really into Orange Is The New Black - more than me, honestly. Even though I really like Orange Is The New Black, I guess getting an Netflix addiction is not for me - but still I feel dedicated to watch all episodes, even though it may just be because we're watching it together.


  1. Het is al véél te lang geleden dat ik nog eens in Brugge ben geweest. Heel leuk dus, om jouw verhaal hier te lezen!
    (Leuke foto's, ook.)

  2. Ik ben nog nooit in Brugge geweest, maar het ziet er ontzettend leuk en romantisch uit! x

  3. Oh wauw! Wat heb je fantastische foto's gemaakt!

  4. I love Brugge! Belgie in het algemeen. Was een weekje geleden ongeveer in Brussel, ook zo'n heerlijke stad! :)
    xx Frederique

  5. Wauw, wat een mooie foto's !

  6. Oh wat een onwijs leuke foto's! Leuk dat je naar Brugge bent geweest! :) En leuk dat je Orange Is The New Black gaat kijken!


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