Monday, February 29, 2016

About formal dances

Do you ever attend this party where the preparation for that particular party was actually more fun than the party itself? That is what happened to me when I had this formal dance with my fellow psychology students (I brought Mitchell so I had a reason to make him wear a suit). I have always liked formal dances because you can dress up pretty, and I like how everyone looks so beautiful in their formal dresses, not to mention men in suits (I guess that alone would be a perfectly good reason to attend formal dances). This dance I think was, unfortunately, not so much fun. I'm not gonna lie about it, we thought it was straight-up boring, and also terribly awkward. This is why we decided to leave early (not as early as I intended to, but Mitchell made me stay just a few minutes longer in case the party would suddenly become legendary). But I'll never regret going because at least now I know for sure there was nothing to miss out on.

Ever since 7th grade I had a formal dance every single year, but each time it felt special to me. It was so different from all the other school dances we had. It was like Christmas time, a moment to look forward to. I remember at my first formal dance - ignorant as I was as a 13-year-old - I was wearing a metallic green dress from H&M, and, as it turned out, I wasn't the only girl. Two more girls were wearing the exact same dress. Bummer. I decided that would not happen to me next time. So in 8th grade, I picked out this tightly fitting red dress with textile roses all over the vertical mid line, and I got my hair done at a hairdresser instead of attacking it myself with my flat iron. I guess my mission was completed: I won a prize for Best Dressed girl that evening. Proudly I wore that toy-crown on my head.

Even though there were many formal dances during my time in high school, there will always be this one that I will remember for a life time. In 11th grade, junior year, I was an exchange student in a Texan high school, and you may know from the movies or reality soaps that they have this huge formal dance at the end of 12th grade: prom. It basically means that girls get to talk about dresses, hairdo's, shoes and corsages for months in advance, while guys need to worry about how to ask that particular girl to go to prom with him. Again, these preparations may have been more fun than the dance itself. I mean, this was a party for 18 years old who weren't allowed to drink alcohol as yet, so I guess it was as fun as an alcohol free party can get (I'm definitely not supporting drunkness as I'm not a big drinker myself, but you get what I mean). Still, this formal dance was memorable. I got to wear an incredibly over-expensive dress, pretty cute but not-so-high heels (my date was short), and I got my hair done very beautifully (although all the curls were gone by the time I got at the dance). I had decided to do my make up myself this time, as last time I got it done by the hairdresser (for my first American formal dance, Winter Formal), and the woman totally messed up on my face and I had to clean off the orange stuff off and redo it in the 5 minutes before my date rang the door bell. Thankfully my cousin made me a personal homemade make up tutorial which I watched very carefully and so I got to attend my prom without looking like a freaking carrot.

Tomorrow there will be another formal dance (a first years formal at my sorority/fraternity this time) and now that I get 3 different dances in one single year, I am not so concerned about my looks anymore. I actually try to avoid buying a brand new dress as I'm broke most of the time. Thank god I've got a sister who has invested in a whole collection of formal dresses, so I get plenty to choose from. At least I know formal tomorrow will be far from boring as I'm with my year club, a.k.a. the funnest people on earth to hang out with! Xoxo

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  1. Oei, zo naar als je erachter komt dat je niet de enige bent met de jurk die je draagt. Wat veel formele balls zeg. Leuk!


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