Wednesday, February 10, 2016


First of all: I GOT MY NEW PHONE. A wonderful beautiful amazing new iPhone 6s in silver and with 64GB memory capacity. No more iPhone 5c. No more bad quality pictures. No more lack of memory capacity for all my picture taking. No more scarcity of available apps. No more!!! I'm so happy, you don't even know. As I use my phone for a lot more than Facebook (it also contains to me important notes and information) I had a hard time with a phone that was not meeting my needs at all. My life will be so much easier now I own a phone that is much more capable of being a decent cell phone!

As you might have noticed, I already got to take a lot of selfies with my new phone when I celebrated Carnival past week. I remember that I rather hated Carnival as a kid, but it only gets more fun the older you get. In elementary school I just didn't get the fun of it. They threw Carnival parties at the school, where you were supposed to dance (they liked to use the Dutch word hossen to describe this specific kind of dancing at Carnival, which included the hated-by-me so-called polonaise) to the music, dressed up in weird costumes - actually the exact thing that we now do for Carnival, but at that age I thought it was lame. Now there's alcohol involved the lame stuff people do for Carnival doesn't seem to be so lame at all.
My boyfriend Mitchell happens to be a pretty diehard Carnival freak (probably not as much as the Carnival freaks from the very south, as we live more in the middle of the country, close the the northern part where Carnival is hardly celebrated) and he is involved in a carnival association with his friends (this means they build a carnival float and do parades on it), so of course I had to come along at least one day. Their theme (just like last year's) included a lot of little hearts and red costumes with white hearts on it, as visible in the first picture on top of this post.

On the first day of Carnival, I didn't join him at the parade at first, but surprised him by showing up at the parade after telling him I wouldn't be able to come and watch him that day. Just seeing his face light up and show a happy smile when he suddenly sees me standing in the crowd, is enough proof that my spontaneity is appreciated. I joined him on their carnival float for the rest of the parade. This is when the first few pictures in this article were taken.

The following day I actually dressed up myself (shoutout to Eva for letting me borrow her heart themed dress) and came along for the entire day and night, as they were having two different parades that day, the first in my hometown Nijmegen, the second in a small village, where a parade of lights took place. Doing a parade is pretty much dancing, drinking and jumping on the float to Carnival music (the worst kind of music you can imagine, though it is alright when it is only heard once a year during Carnival) and walking next to the float to dance in the streets. A lot of people come to watch the parade, especially kids who hope to receive some candy from the people on the floats. It was a really fun day although it got me really tired in the end.

On Monday the parade got cancelled because of the threatening weather that was forecasted for that day. I didn't plan on going anyways, but I know Mitchell felt bad because his Carnival days got to an end unexpectedly.

On the last day, me and my year club went to attend the Cuijk pub crawl, which traditionally takes place on the last day of Carnival. The bad thing: it rained all day, leaving us soaking wet and cold. Last year, when the weather was a lot better, it was amazingly crowded outside, while the pubs were left abandoned. This year it was the other way around. Everyone wanted to be inside, away from the rain. As we were rained wet already, we didn't really mind being outside anymore. This band - Baby Blue - was performing at one of the stages, and we thought they were performing so good! So even though the weather sucked that day, we had a lot of fun in Cuijk. I hope next year though we will have a bit more sunshine and a bit less rain.

Now Carnival is over, the next fun thing is already coming up: tonight I'm leaving for my trip to Copenhagen! It's a trip with other psychology students, and among them my friend Lieke who is also in my year club. I'm really excited about this trip and I can't wait to see Copenhagen! Have you ever been to Copenhagen? Any tips are very welcome!

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  1. Heerlijke foto's, wat een gezelligheid! Ben helaas nog nooit in Kopenhagen geweest.

  2. Wauwie, wat een prachtige foto's! Ik word er helemaal vrolijk van haha. Zelf ben ik nog nooit in Kopenhagen geweest, lijkt me wel heel mooi daar. :)


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