Monday, February 8, 2016

Club Instant @ Budapest

SOMETHING THAT I really liked about Budapest as well, was its night life. After being at several pubs throughout the week, this one night we went to this why-don't-we-have-something-like-this-in-Holland kinda club, called Club Instant. Just like the ruin pub I wrote about before, this club is located in an old apartment complex, which was turned into a wonderful night club. There are several rooms with all its own sort of music, but we mainly stayed at this one room where the DJ was playing more popular songs (but unlike here in Holland, they did finish an entire song before skipping to the next - although the skipping was a lot smoother). As I brought my camera I tried taking some pictures while standing in the middle of the dancing crowd, just to see what it would turn out like. And here's the result. I actually like it a lot. They are a bit blurry but I guess that is exactly what a regular night out would look like through the eyes of someone who already had a couple of drinks. :-)

As I told you before in this article, I like colored lights in pictures, as I think it creates an enchanting atmosphere (this is also clear in this article).

Oh, how much I LOVE Budapest!... What an amazing city that is.
As you might know (I wrote about it here, here and here), I had an exchange with Hungarian psychology students in November, and this means that THEY will be visiting us as well in Nijmegen - in two weeks already! I can't wait for them to be here so we can show them around :-)
I think it's a really fun thing to do, being a tourist in your own country, seeing your own country through the eyes of foreigners. Hope they'll like it down here - even though I love my hometown, I'm sure it's not half as impressive as Budapest is...
What fun, typically Dutch things would be fun to share with the Hungarians?

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