Thursday, February 4, 2016

Efteling theme park in disposable camera photos

A photo diary. 

Visiting Efteling theme park means wading in a sea of memories. As children we have all visited Efteling at least one time with our parents, and we remember it as a happy and magical place. Now we're older, we keep visiting it, though now because of the tougher rides. But still, in between the rides, we like to wander through the "Fairy tale Forest", that now seems to be a lot smaller than when we were little kids, nevertheless we receive nostalgic feelings toward the forest. And we secretly wish that we were still little kids, running up and down the forest trails, going from fairy tale figure to fairy tale figure who we thought inhibited the forest, not knowing that those happy feelings were only temporary.

So when I visited the Efteling last time, I wanted to take pictures with a disposable camera, since I thought that would well capture the nostalgic feelings that we feel inside but are not actually visible. Disposable pictures have this timeless glow, and it could be well possible that these pictures were actually taken when I was seven years old.

I visited Efteling together with the committee members of the committee that is responsible for the trip to Hong Kong this year for interested psychology students, and in which I am involved as well. We wanted to do something fun with each other and since one of the members works at Efteling theme park on the weekends (so he could get us a discount), we had quickly decided to go. Even though I've visited Efteling plenty of times, it doesn't really get boring and I have fun each single time! I think of all theme parks in the Netherlands, I haven't been to one that was more fun (Although when I was little, I used to love this park called "Toverland", but the thing is that it's a park just for the little ones, unlike Efteling which has rides for every age).

What about you, do you like Efteling?

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  1. Super leuke foto's! Ik hou van de efteling en analoge foto's!

  2. Onwijs mooi foto, heerlijk sfeervol - ik wil nu spontaan een bezoekje aan de Efteling brengen

  3. Efteling is geweldig! Ben er in december ook nog geweest ;) en de foto's zijn heel mooi geworden!


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