Saturday, February 6, 2016


Just open since December, De Viking is a brand new lunch bar in Nijmegen. It was probably like a month ago when I rode my bike through the oldest shopping street in the country when I spotted an unfamiliar lunch place in the corner of my left eye. I immediately could see that this was one of those places that I had to try out. So this week I took my mom up there for lunch.

In the middle of the room was a bar, painted bright yellow. Wooden tables were scattered in the room. On the wall a huge chalkboard containing some of the dishes and a painting of a pink flamingo. A table of the kind that used to be in my drawing class was put against the wall and supplemented with stools. In the front a wooden bench buried by with pillows covered one of the corners. A pallet was put in front of it as a side table. Fairy lights surrounded the windows that enabled bright sunlight to flow into the room.

We both had a sandwich, which were pretty huge, but I could still have a bite of their sticky caramel fudge cake afterwards, which was to die for. Really I've never had such a delicious piece of fudge cake before. I also had some coconut water and a cup of green chai tea.

I think De Viking is a great addition to our city. De Lange Hezelstraat, the street where De Viking is located, is so lovely with all these little unique stores selling vintage and cute stuff for in your house, and it is largely abandoned by the common shopping crowd, which makes it even more lovely. I like to come down here and just look at all the stuff that I can't afford anyways, and return with only an increasing wish list that I just pass on to my parents in case they would want to grant me something.

So if you ever happen to be in town, avoid the main shopping district and make your way down De Lange Hezelstraat, and find out yourself what's so fun about the older district of the oldest city in the country. If you then would feel thirsty or hungry, I would well recommend you to settle down at De Viking for a delicious and satisfying lunch.

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  1. Wat ziet dat er gezellig uit en yummmy...dat eten <3


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