Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Wombats in concert

When I found out The Wombats were going to perform, I texted my friend Manou this: "Hey do you know this band the wombats". Her response: "no but if they're performing and you wanna go I'll come". So that's how we decided to go see The Wombats perform live in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht.

We both like to see bands perform live. We like the sound of indie rock in a room filled with fans who headbang and go crazy to the music out of enjoyment, and who contribute largely to the great vibes that are always present at these kind of concerts. I like the light shows and I always try and capture them in pictures with my cell phone, but it never really works out - viewing those lights with your very own eyes is so different from seeing it in a picture. Still I won't give up and try to capture the light show vibes so I can treasure them forever.

What I like most about band concerts is that the music appeals even more to you after you've heard it being played live. That's the great thing about live music: it's not just about the music, it's about everything around it as well: the enthusiasm of the band, expressing their love for music, the audience getting all into the music, being with people who also adore the band, the lights, the dancing, the jumping, the headbanging, even other people's sweat. Yea.

By the end of the show, half of the audience was allowed to climb up the stage with the band, which was really awesome. That's the sort of thing what makes me feel like these smaller performances are way more fun than the larger ones, when there is much more distance between band and fans.

Another concert that I attended last year - and that I have similar fond memories about - was a concert of Circa Waves, with Sundara Karma and Mr. Bukit as the opening acts. It was at this very tiny music hall called EKKO (Utrecht). Somewhat living room-sized. It was probably one of the best concerts that I have ever attended. I think that, because it was such an intimate concert, it was so much more intense. Even though it was incredibly sweating hot inside, we jumped up and down for the entire night.

Do you like The Wombats? What other bands do you like?

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  1. the wombats zijn zo leuk! heb ze met faye live gezien in amsterdam. oh en dat concert toen was inderdaad heel gaaf, hoop dat sundara karma nog een keer naar nl komt :)

  2. Ik vind Wombats hun muziek erg goed! Ik wist niet dat ze in de buurt speelden :(

  3. leuke foto's! ik kende de band nog niet :) mijn favoriete bands zijn imagine dragons & bastille ^^


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