Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's brunch-spiration

Love goes through the stomach - at least that's what they say. As far as I know, your nose has a more important role in love business than your intestinal tract - still, there's no reason to celebrate the Day of Love without food (as food seems to be involved in any festive day). I'm not exactly a big Valentine's Day fan, although I like to grab every chance to have a little celebration. Oh and you might have noticed that it is not yet Valentine's Day... I thought I would put this post up before Valentine's Day so you could get a little inspiration to surprise your lover.

I like to have my tiny table decorated in a pretty way. I like putting up my pretty tableware, which I like to collect from all over the world (although this post only features my handmade egg holders from Morocco, rest is from the thrift shop). I like to put everything in nice bowls and on pretty plates instead of putting up the package it came in. I really think that a good looking table contributes to a meal that's more fun and maybe also tastes better. As I'm not really into baking and cooking (I mean I like to do it, but I'm not the type of person to come up with self made up recipes or anything - at least not any recipes that are worth to be repeated here - and also I do mess up the food once in a while) so I just got all the food ready-to-eat (it was delicious).

For Valentine's Day I like to have a lot of sweet food, a lot of sugar and cake and chocolate and stuff, and also a lot of pink and red colored food (which would be typical for V-Day - when it comes to traditions I get very traditional myself and like to keep everything as traditionally as possible). I also sprinkled some heart shaped sprinkles everywhere, by means of a final touch.

How are you going to spend this V-Day?

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  1. Wat een heerlijke, smakelijke, inspirerende foto's!
    Ik zou maar wat graag een hapje willen nemen uit dat broodje met jam. Yummie!
    Fijne V-day gewenst Sabine.

  2. Aah wat ziet het er mooi en lekker uit!


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