Thursday, February 18, 2016

Valentine's dinner @ De Gelagkamer

I don't care what time it is, I'm so happy to be able to post on my blog again! Due to some deficits in my computer I wasn't able to put much up here in the last few days, but oh well... I actually stuck quite long to the "one post every other day" thing, but I guess I'll have to put that to a hold right now as I'm drowning in the big pile of work I still need to do! It's depressing but I guess it's worth it, as I had a couple of wonderful days in the city Copenhagen last week! Although our fingers froze off as we walked its streets, we still enjoyed this beautiful quiet city and especially its cute coffee bars where we could warm up a little before getting back to the icey cold outside.

When I came home Sunday morning - V-day - Mitchell surprised me with some flowers and a piece of pie, as is shown in the pictures below.
That night we had dinner at De Gelagkamer in Nijmegen and we actually liked it a lot. We thought it is nice that the tables are quite distanced from each other, which makes it feel as if you are having a private dinner! We picked the restaurant because I had heard from a friend they have a discount for students, and the dishes on their menu looked exceptionally delicious. It didn't disappoint us at all and we had a really nice and delicious V-day dinner. Although the restaurant is simple, it is pretty much all you hope for: it is small, it looks nice, the food is good, there's plenty of choice, not crowded or busy, and service is nice as well. A place I would go back to! I would certainly recommend it to you, and I might even recommend it to my dad (who is very critical when it comes to restaurants and he's the person who taught me about all that is necessary for a nice place to eat - ambiance is very important! but also food quality, service and hospitality) Certainly one of the better restaurants at De Waalkade. :-)

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