Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Birthday gifts :)

DANIEL WELLINGTON Classic Sheffield watch // LUSH Charity Pot Hand- and bodylotion // MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara Double Effet // MAC Lip Conditioner Hydratant Pour Les Lèvres // Pieces of soap // Basket, teacups and cactuses // Wostok drink (Aguja de Pino), glasses and Mevrouw Cha tea 

Hi guys! So when I celebrated my birthday last week I was rather spoiled. My actual birthday had already been on the 3rd of March and on the day I went out for dinner with my parents and boyfriend. My parents will get me a backpack for my Thailand trip this summer (I still have to pick it out myself) for my birthday, and my sister got me these two MAC products as seen in the pictures above: mascara and lip conditioner. I already love both. The Lush hand- and bodylotion was an early birthday gift from my mom when we were at Lush and I told her even though I come down there a lot I don't own anything from that store because I'm poor, so she wanted to get me something as an early birthday gift so I picked the cheapest product I could find, and it's actually an amazing product plus all the money goes to refugees in Lesbos. Then the biggest surprise came from Mitchell. I had strictly told him not to get me anything, especially not something expensive, as we had to save the money for our trip to Thailand. So that night, he handed me over a cute little note, stating that he did get me something, "a cute little gift". That cute little gift turned out to be an actual Daniel Wellington watch that I had been wanting for ages (and he knew that!). I couldn't believe my eyes when I unwrapped his gift and saw what he had gotten me. I was very much but very pleasantly surprised. I'm so happy with it that I hardly dare to wear it, scared of possibly loosing or breaking it. What means the most to me, is that his gift shows how much he cares for me. I mean, he must love me, must he not? Or else he must be an idiot to get me something so utterly beautiful!

Last week it was time to celebrate my birthday with my dear friends who I love a lot, and again I was really spoiled with a lot of gifts, including some vouchers to go out for dinner, visit the zoo and go to a festival this summer. The next day, me and four of my girlfriends were having a sleepover, and that's when they gave me their gifts, including the basket with the teacups and cactuses (I don't think it was their intention to put those plants in the cups but I kinda liked it that way), and the drink and glasses as seen in the last picture. The teacups also came with matching plates but that's where my Albert Heijn vegetable gardens are standing on right now. They got me the kind of stuff that I really like a lot, and I guess they know me a little somehow after all. That's why I love my friends.

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