Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cabaret: Najib Amhali

Hi guys! A while ago Mitchell and I went to see comedian Najib Amhali perform in his show "I AMhali". As I happened to know that Mitchell would love going to one of his shows, I got us tickets by means of a Christmas present (just seeing that look on his face when he realized what I got him is so precious). There were only a few of this season's shows left, so we had to drive quite far to get there (Almere), but it was totally worth it. The overall story of the show was about his own life from the moment that he started to want a child until the moment his first son was born - of course including a lot of nonsense but hilarious stories. I thought it was crazy how he sometimes said something, then said a whole lot of other things so you forgot about the first thing he had said, and in the end he came back to the thing he said first, and it all made sense - I thought that was brilliant. There was also a lot of music involved. There was a band and he also did some songs. He did a lot of imitations, and joked a lot about the fact that he's from Morocco (I guess that's what he's commonly known for, but it works I must say). We pretty much had an entire night filled with laughter. It was my first cabaret ever, and I think I should attend some more in the future - a successful night is guaranteed. I hope this show will be on videotape or youtube anytime soon so we can re-watch the show and re-live the night. Have you ever been to a cabaret performance?

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  1. Oh die wil ik ook eens live aan het werk zien! :)

  2. Wat cool, die foto's van bovenaf! Leuk gedaan :). En Najib Amhali lijkt me zo grappig om eens in het echt te zien!


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