Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter lunch :-)

Happy belated easter everyone! I hope you did not, unlike me, have to study for an exam that is a true waste of life. Perhaps it's because me and the fam spent easter with some old aged relatives who all liked to talk a lot about how they're 'working on their last chapter' what made me realize how short life actually is. Although this was kind of depressing to me, I think talking to old people is sort of inspiring. I have come to believe that when one has reached the last developmental stage of life, he will acquire some sort of mind set that will be accepting of his past life and future death. I hope that this will also happen to me when I am that old, so death wouldn't seem so frightening anymore (this is what makes it even more terrible when someone is to die at a young age). Why on earth do we celebrate the day on which the only man to have ever conquered death rose from his grave, while really in fact we all are seriously ill of jealousy of this particular man? Dumb idea. I have never really been into easter (actually all Christian holidays are pretty pointless to non religious people, but easter doesn't even involve gifts, so it seems even more pointless! - we will just stick to it because of the extra day off we get) but this year I took the chance to prepare us an easter lunch and try some new recipes that I suddenly came up with (I didn't even know my mind could do such a thing! Thanks brain) Usually I'm not really good at cooking, not good at all actually, so I usually avoid sharing any recipes on my blog as they are usually disastrous, but this time it all turned out so well - as I could conclude from all the praise I got from my family members) - and so I'm finally able to share some of my cooking with the world, hurray!

Here are all the recipes, in order in which I prepared them.

Quark with granola and other stuff
Gosh it's actually hard to come up with a name for my pretty foodies, so I will just name it after the ingredients that's in it, why not taking the easy road.

Ingredients: quark (but yoghurt should work too) - granola - honey - blueberries - pistachios - basil

How to: take a glass, put a layer of quark in it, add some honey, add a layer of granola, add another layer of quark, some more honey, top it off with blueberries, pistachios and a tiny bit of basil and you're done! Whoo!

Bowl of red fruit
Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries in one big bowl of healthy happiness.

Deviled eggs
Well this is not really my own recipe, but my sister and I love it so much and we couldn't have a proper easter without some deviled eggs. It's really just boiling some eggs, cutting them in halves, putting all the yolks in a boil, mix it with mayonnaise, pepper and salt, and if you think it tastes alright, you put it back in the white egg stuff!

Really all there is in there, is bananas, kiwis, pears, and yoghurt. Put it all in the blender and see the magic happen. I don't know how much of each kind of fruit you'll need because I actually made my mum do the smoothies, but I guess it was something like 3 bananas, 3 pears and 6 kiwis and like one carton of yoghurt. It tasted really good for real.

Now put all that stuff in the fridge and move on to the next ones!

Ingredients: white sandwich bread - Philadelphia herb cheese - avocados - mozzarella cheese -cucumber - rocket -

How to: get 2 pieces of white sandwich bread. Put some Philadelphia herb cheese stuff on both of them. Then put some avocado spread on top of it (make avocado spread by cutting the avocados in little pieces, putting it all in a boil and just squeeze it with your hands until it's somewhat spreadable). Fry some mozzarella cheese (like 4 slices on each piece of bread) in a frying pan, and put the mozzarella on top of the avocado spread. Then slice the cucumber and put like 4 slices on each piece of bread. Now put a small mountain of rocket on one of the two slices of bread. Finally the trickiest part: flip the piece of bread without the rocket upside down and put it on top of the other piece of bread. Now cut the sandwich in four pieces, and your done! It sounds harder than it is. Really it's just my way of explaining things.

Fried egg on toast with bacon and more stuff
Ingredients: white bread - fried egg - bacon - spinach - oregano - pine nuts - basil

How to: toast a slice of white bread. Fry an egg, don't flip it. Put the egg on the toasted bread. Fry some bacon, like 2 for each toast but if you love bacon like me than put like 8. Put two spoons of spinach on the egg (I used frozen spinach that you just put on the fire in a pan). Spill oregano and pine nuts all over it and use some basil for decoration.

That's all! Isn't that easy? And it's so good! Ask my dad. Or my sister. They're not quite so easily satisfied when it comes to food ;-) Let me know what you think! How did I do?!

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  1. Ohh wat lekker en wat maak je mooie foto's!

  2. Ohh wat lekker en wat maak je mooie foto's!

  3. Wow wat mooi zeg! Ik dacht dat wij het flink uit hadden gepakt maar jij wint het wel hihi

  4. Prachtige foto's en wat ziet het er heerlijk uit!!

  5. Prachtige foto's en wat ziet het er heerlijk uit!!

  6. Wat een heerlijke dingen <3 Die kwark met granola ziet er geweldig uit.

  7. ik lees dit artikel terwijl ik nog niet heb middag gegeten,
    wat krijg ik een enorme trek! het ziet er heerlijk uit :)

    liefs joelle


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