Thursday, March 3, 2016

I turned 19th today featuring a Red Fruit Tart from Vlaamsch Broodhuys

Today's my birthday, and for the first time in my life I felt rather unprepared for it. While in previous years I would have been making plans for my birthday since like November, this year I constantly asked myself why on earth I was born in March instead of like 2 or 3 months later. Within all the craziness in my life, it just couldn't fit a fixed date like a birthday! Besides, it feels to me as if my 18th birthday had just happened - how could a whole year have passed away without me noticing it? Is that perhaps what they call getting older? Having the feeling that you're birthday came too soon instead of looking forward to it? Is the "birthday-feeling" a nostalgic concept to me from now on? I'm afraid so. And I feel kinda sad that this will be my final year in my teens. I just don't get how this one moment I was 8 years old and longing to be a 12-year-old, and now I'm almost twice that age! It all went by so fast. I feel like I will hit the big three-O in like a minute.

Anyway, I do take this chance to have a little celebration, by which I mean, in a way appropriate for my age, which means being able to stuff myself with sweets and pies, and having my parents take me out for dinner to a restaurant I can't afford on any regular day, to stuff myself some more. Thing is that people say that the older you get, the fatter you get, but the fact that I'm 19 now and still not fat, hopefully means that I'm just not that old yet.

This Red Fruit Tart from Vlaamsch Broodhuys in Nijmegen looked so innocently beautiful but it tasted so dangerously delicious, that I had to eat half of it by myself, until Mitchell got home and had a bite and finally ate the other half of it. This stuff was to die for. I am a weak person when it comes to pies, cakes, brownies et cetera. When people ask me what kind of unhealthy food I like best, then sometimes (when I feel comfortable enough around them) I would answer that I love literally anything that people eat for birthdays. This is why I should not be invited to a birthday gathering that serves snacks because I would become a huge and disgusting binge monster and eat the lot.


  1. Ooooh, die taart. Ziet er heerlijk uit <3. Wat een feestje op je verjaardag :).

  2. Nog gefeliciteerd! Die taart ziet er echt geweldig uit!!


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