Monday, April 4, 2016

Dinner at Van Dam Brasserie

Van Dam Brasserie is a lovely restaurant near Vondelpark in Amsterdam. You may have heard of it before as the owners of the restaurant happen to be the parents of actress/television host Nicolette van Dam (by following her on social media I have become to think of her as a marvellous person, who has two adorable daughters and a pretty fancy and happy life, as far as it seems on social med ;-)). My mom and I were pleasantly surprised when Nicolette herself entered the restaurant, probably to help out somewhat, and when she nicely asked us if we had enjoyed our dinner, I knew that she did not only have a wonderful personality on social med, but in real life as wel :-)

My mom and I were in Amsteram to see Mata Hari in ballet, about which I will write later, and we certainly had a delicious dinner night at Van Dam. We shared some bread, carpaccio and shrimp croquettes by means of starters. Then I had Tournedos with bearnaise sauce and mom had slip soles, and we both thought it was extremely good. After the chocolate mousse I felt pretty stuffed, but we can certainly add another great restaurant to the list. This is the kind of restaurant my dad would certainly approve...So bad he wasn't there, guess we should pay another visit to Van Dam soon... ;-)

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  1. Klinkt goed dit zeg! Leuk dat Nicolette nog binnen kwam :)

  2. Wat heb je een prachtige sfeerfoto's zeg. Het ziet er zo ontzettend leuk uit. Gezellig dat je Nicolette zag. Het lijkt me altijd zo'n leuk mens.

  3. Waauw wat een knusse tent! Mooie foto's :)


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