Sunday, April 10, 2016

First-years formal dance at Ovum Novum


1 & 2. The very first group pictures in which all members of my year club are present. A miracle :-) 3. My year club and most of our dates 4. Year club + our 'patron'. A patron is nothing formal, it's just someone we, as a year club, keep a good acquaintance with 5. Me and my formal dance date

Ovum Novum is my sorority/fraternity and some say the first year at Ovum is the best year at. One of the reasons may be that for first years there is this competition throughout the year, where you can get points by doing all sorts of stuff that will help you to get to know other members but also to get others to know you. Although sometimes it can get really competitive, it usually includes a lot of fun stuff. Another reason may be that it’s just your first year, like many first years are most fun. Wasn’t your first year high school the most fun out of all six of them? I recall my first year in high school to be my best. Perhaps it was because we were still so childlish at that age, at a school full of pimply teenagers who were probably a lot more confused about life and stressed out than we were in that first year. School was a fun thing back then (at least that’s what it seems to have been like now) and I remember how me and my friends had a lot of ‘adventures’ at school, doing sneaky and random things, and our teachers were more like these characters that we liked to make fun of. I remember the other years to be a lot less fun and a lot more boring, maybe because by that time we had hit puberty ourselves and we started to care less and have more boring sass overall.

Another reason that the first year at my sorority/fraternity is really fun, is because of the first-years formal dance that is held every year by one of the first-year year clubs, and older members are only allowed to attend the dance if one of the firstyears takes him or her as a date (usually guys ask girls but leap year is the only year that girls ask boys and this year happens to be a leap year). Traditionally dates go with their date’s year club out for dinner before going to the dance (which, unlike the ‘big’ formal dance, is held at our club house) and although I couldn’t make it to dinner, I thought the dance was one of the funnest things so far! The year club who got everything ready for the dance did a great job, decorating the entire club house according to their theme (“Full of stars”). I think it was enormous succesful & we enjoyed such a fun night! I can't wait for the big formal dance, that is held every year to celebrate the sorority/fraternity's Dies, or Birthday. 

Being a member of Ovum Novum is one of those choices that I had doubts about at first, but now I do regret it not a single bit! For those who don't know Ovum Novum, I think I should mention that we are not a traditional sorority/fraternity as the ones that are probably better known among students. Although we do have a lot of the same traditions, we ditched all of the traditions that are not (like, the hierarchical structure, high contribution funds, and unreasonable obligations like obligatory attendance), which makes it the perfect sorority/fraternity for those who want to join one, but like me don't understand the fun of some of the more traditional stuff :-)

Of course the parties and activities we have at Ovum are great fun, but what I love most about Ovum is the fact that it is a great opportunity to have a vivid social live during your time in college. I have found it quite hard in college to make new friends as I have to be at school only a few hours a week, often together with different people each time, so I don't find that exactly a great situation for making a lot of friends. A sorority/fraternity, on the other hand, is a great way to get involved in typical college life and to get in touch with a lot of people from different majors. At Ovum there is a year club structure which means everyone will eventually form a year club, consisting out of around 10 people (who joined in the same year), and since you'll spend a great amount of time with them, they'll most likely become your friends for life. So far I have experienced that these people have enriched my life greatly :-) Beside that, there are also options to get more in touch with members outside of your year club, like you can get involved in groups that consists out of members form different years and year clubs to hang out with, or committees and do stuff for the sorority/fraternity (the organization is based on voluntarily input from members), for example, I am involved in the photography committee which is responsible for all the picture taking during events, but there is also a committee responsible for the bar, there is a kitchen committee and a promotion committee, and many more. So, in short, I would recommend anyone to join a (non-traditional) sorority/fraternity, if you want to get the best out of your college life! (and your time in college will be the only time that you'll be able to join one... So grab your chance!) If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me anything!

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  1. wat een leuke, feestelijke en blij foto's!

  2. Ah wat een leuke foto's! Ziet er heel gezellig uit. X

  3. Je hebt echt hele mooie foto's! Op je hele blog!


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