Friday, April 8, 2016

friends fly faraway

What sometimes happens when your high school friends have moved to another city, 45-ish minutes from yours, to go to college, is that sometimes you take the train up there to go out at night, then take the first train back at 6 in the morning.

As Janne was leaving for her trip to the USA in a few days, we decided to have some sort of  a goodbye party in Utrecht with some of our high school friends who live there now. What I like most about being with my high school friends after a long time of not seeing them is that it suddenly all feels so normal. Just like right. Being around them is like coming home, like going back in time. It’s as if no one ever left to have a new life in a new city. It feels like one of those nights we used to have regularly when someone wanted to just ‘chill’ that night and everyone would just go over his place and just ‘chill’.

Maybe it's because these people come from where you come from. We didn't just grow up together, we went through the hardest time in a lifetime together, and followed the path to adulthood side by side. My 'normal' is their 'normal'. I know most of their parents and they know mine. I don't think you'll ever have friends like your high school friends so that's why I treasure mine a lot. I hope that, even though we don't get to see each other regularly anymore, we will never become estranged.

I really like having some friends who even though I don’t see them often, will always be my friends. Seeing them again is never awkward or weird, it always feels familiar, but it always makes you wish to see them more often than only once in a while. 

Janne is a whole different type of friend. Even though we know each other since high school (actually even before that, since our moms used to be colleagues and we sometimes came along with our moms for a visit), we have started hanging out together more after high school. Maybe since a lot of our other high school friends moved out of town, and we stayed around. But maybe also because I feel we have a lot in common, as in, we like similar kind of things that a lot of my other friends are not interested in at all (like, I’ve always liked classic reads and my fav book is Wuthering Heights but none of my other friends are really interested in reading, let alone classic reads, but when I found out Janne is interested in that kind of literature as well, I decided to give a copy of the book, basically a little piece of my soul, to her for her birthday last year, as I didn’t think that anyone else would appreciate it let alone that I would want to share that precious stack of paper with someone random) but also music and people we hang out with and of course blogging. So I’ll certainly miss her in these two months that she’s gone to the USA! But I know she’ll have a blast for sure :-) byeeeee girll byee! Have an amazing time & Tell the USA I said Hi.

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  1. ah dit is te lief! altijd leuk met jullie. ga je missen <33

  2. Super leuk dat jullie dat voor haar gedaan hebben! Leuke foto's ook :)


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