Friday, April 15, 2016


Good morning yall :) The Fuzz in Nijmegen is one of my favourite spots for a coffee. These pictures were taken at two separate times I was there, the first time being with a girl from Norway (first picture of a girl) who was doing a semester abroad at my University (there is this program at the school that assigns Dutch people to foreign exchange students so they can help them out or just hang together), and the second time I had lunch with Lies and Janne (second picture of a girl). I like the way that The Fuzz feels like a cosy living room. It's absolutely a lovely place to catch up with friends! 

I'm not quite content about these pictures that I took, because I can clearly tell that at that time I just got my new lens and not used to it at all, and I was only just learning how to use my camera manually. Still I think that they do capture some of the loveliness of this place that I totally wanted to share with you! While looking at these pictures again, I really feel like having one of their coffees again. I am in very hard need of coffee right now as exames cause me to have a terrible lack of sleep lately. At the moment I am not posting on my blog as often as I would want to, but I'm glad that I took a break from all the studying to work on this post! I think that after summer break I will be able to put a lot more time into blogging since I will be a part time student next school year! I made this decision because at the University it's all about depth in theoretical knowledge about just one field of interest, while I am not really looking for depth, but would rather acquire broad knowledge, since I am interested in many distinct topics. Although I am very interested in my major, I am just looking for more knowledge than just all that I learn while doing that major. So that's why I have decided to continue my major at the University next year only partially, so I will have time left to do more creative courses that will be a lot more practical as well. Of course this will take me a lot longer to finish school, but I'm still young and not at all in a hurry to rush through my time in college :) Because you know what they say... college life is the best part of your life! My mom totally agrees on this. This upcoming Saturday we're having a bring-your-parents day at our sorority/fraternity, so we get a chance to show our parents around and everything, and it's so funny to see my mom all excited about it! Really she can't wait. I know she wishes that she was still in college like me, so I'm sure she'll love it Saturday!

I know I post a lot of articles on hotspots in my own town Nijmegen up here (mostly because I have dedicated myself to try every single one in town), but that doesn't mean I am not interested in trying out hotspots in other cities as well! I am all over the country a lot so I'll have plenty of opportunities to try new hotspots, so if you know some really good place to have coffee / lunch / dinner at PUT IT IN THE COMMENTS! I really want to extend my list of hotspots that I have to try, simply named my "To Eat At" list. Do you have a favourite hotspot? Let me know! Seriously. Don't hesitate. I'm up for anything.  


  1. Ziet er knus uit! Succes met je examens!

  2. Wat een ontzettend leuke hotspot! Ik ben echt gek op zulke plekjes, dus deze ga ik zeker onthouden voor als ik een keer in Nijmegen ben. De laatste tijd ben ik ook een hoop hotspots aan het fotograferen - met name in Amsterdam en Rotterdam - en zeker in Amsterdam heb ik al een heleboel gezellige koffietentjes ontdekt! Scandinavian Embassy, Berry en COTTONCAKE zijn hier nog maar enkele voorbeelden van :)

  3. Jeetje wat kan jij mooie foto's maken! Ik ben hier niet vaak in de buurt maar het ziet er heerlijk en sfeervol uit.

  4. Super mooie foto's, ziet er gezellig en knus uit!


  5. Super fijne foto's. Lijkt me echt een mooie plek :).

  6. zeker een erg mooi plekje!
    Prachtige foto's, en wat ziet het eten er heerlijk uit.

    liefs joelle

  7. The Fuzz is zoo leuk :) En je hebt echt mooie foto's gemaakt, de red velvet cake daar is zo lekker :) Ben je ook al eens naar Down Town geweest? Daar is het ook heel leuk!


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