Saturday, April 23, 2016

My grandpa's home

It’s pretty amazing when you meet your long lost grandpa for the first time and it turns out he has a museum for a house. The first time I came to his house, age 8, I declared his house was “full of stuff”, but now I’ve come to truly appreciate his “stuff”, for he has collected many beautiful pieces, each single one of them having its own story of how it came to be in my grandpa’s home. There’s a lot of artwork, especially landscapes, but also many items from long gone times. You might have noticed a weird object on top of a closet that looks like a huge magnifying glass, but that is actually an old lamp that they used to have on bicycles!

Even though his house is full of stuff, it’s not trash, like my other grandpa, who had his closets stuffed full with things he didn’t use anymore or had not even ever used in his life, too scared to get rid of the things he had no purpose for, and that may be well typical for an Indonesian man like he was. But this grandpa, from my dad's side of the family, who probably owns just as many or even more things than my Indonesian grandpa, keeps his things probably for their esthetical and/or historical value. Something that I can appreciate largely as well – I must have inherited it from this side of the family. There are also the photographs that he owns, that I would well like to put my hands on, since he is the only one owning any family pictures from my dad before he became my dad. I’ve seen them, but he’s not so keen to let me have some of them. There are also photographs of my grandpa when he was a young man himself, and photographs of about a dozen Jews who hid in his parents' home during World War II. There are photographs of that time during World War II when paratroopers accidentally landed on the field behind my greatgrandparents' house, when they tried to free our country from the Germans. The pictures they took are now visible in a museum dedicated to this historical event. There are also pictures of my grandma, who I have only known as an old lady, and it was incredibly strange to see her the way she was in her younger years. 

Even though I've always found my family history rather interesting, as well as seeing how much family members resemble each other, I think family is the weirdest thing. It's weird how you can be family to someone you barely know but still they'll always be something to you, something that can't be lost, unlike the thing that unrelated people are to you, even though you are much closer to them. And even though we have not been not so close to our grandpa over the years, I find it rather interesting to learn about his life. Especially since the treasures in his house that he owns represent so many stories that remain untold. Some people don't care for old rubbish and only care for something new, I am fascinated by the stuff that has lived a long life already. 

I'm not saying I would ever arrange my home this way, but I labeled this article with "interior" since I think there are a lot of items that I would love to put in my own house one day. The key here is that I would combine it with other furniture and stuff that may be more modern, instead of creating one steady oldish look like my grandpa did. Still his home is inspiring to me, and it fascinates me in both an esthetic and a historical way. So of course I got to share!

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  1. Wat een huis vol met herinneringen! Wauw, ik zou hier uren kunnen rondsnuffelen en kijken naar al die mooie spulletjes<3

  2. Wat een súper gaaf huis, wow! Wat Emma hier boven al zegt, ik zou hier ook uren rond kunnen kijken! Er valt zó veel te zien. Heeeeel tof dat je dit laat zien!!

  3. Wow wat mooi ingericht! Het lijkt wel of alle hoekjes mega interessant zijn (wat het ook is). Ik bedoel, hoe mooi ingericht!?

  4. Wauuuw! Zo mooi, al die oude spullen. Die kruidenpotjes! <3

  5. Wauw, wat een prachtige foto's heb je gemaakt, zo'n fijne sfeer!! Z'n huis is inderdaad een museum, wat gaaf!!


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