Saturday, April 2, 2016

STYLE green suede dress

Hello you! :-) Here's something I wore last week. I collected a great amount of accessories from my mom's closet to go with the green suede dress: 3 necklaces, 3 bracelets and earrings (although not really visible in the pictures). I especially like the one that I'm wearing along with my Daniel Wellington watch, so I've been wearing it a lot lately. The black boots are the ones that I've been wearing mostly through this past winter. Heels are the ultimate solution for short people like me... I can't believe how much a look improves when your legs look a little bit taller! Oh and also here's a life hack: wear support tights instead of regular tights, because they won't rip! They may be a little bit more expensive but on the long term they are probably cheaper since you won't have to buy a new pair every single time you want to wear tights... But even better than tights are no tights at all. I hope we'll soon be able to go barelegged (I hate shaving though. But I just won't be doing that so regularly, as nobody will notice a little stubble anyway...get real.).

What's more to say about one's look... probably nothing much. I just combined my clothing with some accessories. Style is a matter for the eye. No more words should be needed here...;-)

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  1. Zo'n suède jurkje is echt enorm classy. Ik wil er heel graag eentje.

  2. Staat je super leuk. Wat een prachtige kleur <3. En goede panty tip - ik word er altijd zó moe van dat die dingen zo snel kapot gaan. Haha!

  3. Echt, jouw jurkje is zó leuk! Ik wil hem ook! Super tof gecombineerd met al die sieraden. :D

  4. Zo'n gave outfit! Dat jurkje is echt enorm leuk, en al je sierraden passen er perfect bij! Heel leuk!

  5. Mooie outfit, de kleur staat je goed! En leuke blog heb je! :)


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