Tuesday, May 31, 2016

HOTSPOT Farm Girl Cafe [London]

Somewhere hidden from the crowded streets of Notting Hill, is a small place that serves delicious breakfast <3. Farm Girl Cafe, what a nice little place you are! Alright, even though Farm Girl Cafe was a bit hidden away in a small street between some buildings, many people found their way up there, and we had to wait for several minutes outside until we could sit down, but it was certainly worth the wait! The waiters were incredibly nice, just a bunch of happy young people who seemed really concerned with our needs. As we took place at one of the tables in the middle, a jug of water and cucumber was already waiting for us. I had some yoghurt and granola, but the pancakes that Mitchell got tasted like heaven as well!

I liked the place a lot overall, from the blue kinda walls to the pretty plates they put the food on (I always care a lot for cute cups and plates and stuff) to the veggies and fruits they put in baskets on the wall. It might just be me but I had a hard time finding really nice places to sit down like this one in the city center of London. Like most of the other nice places I had heard of where located somewhere outside the city center, not close to anything else, so you would have to travel all the way up there just for a meal and travel all the way back to some other place you want to go next, and considering the little amount of time we had in the city we did not want to do that. But now I've seen most of London's well-known parts, I may have more time to explore its hotspots next time I'll be there, because I will be back :-)

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Monday, May 30, 2016

TRAVEL: London part #2

Hi you guys! it's time to show you around London (through my lens) for the second time :) A little later than I'd hoped for, but oh well. In these first pictures in this post you can see us walk around the Arsenal stadium and the nice neighbourhood it's located in, as of course we had to go and see it up close - boys will be boys...

Afterwards we felt quite hungry after a day full of traveling and going around with our luggage everywhere, so we ended up having a pizza at the Rossopomodoro restaurant in Covent Garden. Perhaps it was only because of the great hunger we felt when we came there, but we LOVED their pizza!

In those days we also went to see Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral, all as beautiful like the city they're in, but what I liked better were the following things that you can get a sight from in the pictures beneath: going up to Primrose Hill to have the nice view, and going to Notting Hill, although it was a lot more crowded down there than I had thought before. Still, those cotton-candy colored houses are such a pleasure to see and be around, and so was Portobello market, where I felt quite sad that I didn't bring some cash if I would have the money, because some of the stuff they sell there was irresistable! Those old cameras for example, but also the old English classic novels that I love so much - I could literally own dozens of different copies of Wuthering Heights and even read every single one of them without getting bored.

Don't you just love London? I wish to go back every single day, and I would if it would only not be this expensive down there! Thank god they often offer cheap flight tickets to London, and we luckily got hold of those, so I could spent the rest of my money on food, because I love food. Speaking of food, I know this great place to have lunch or breakfast at in London, and I can't wait to share it with you. Will be up on the blog pretty soon :)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TRAVEL: London part #1

Here's a first impression of my trip to my second hometown LONDON in March! I love London so much, ever since I walked her streets for the very first time, when I was like twelve years of age, I fell in love with her and I've loved her more and more each time I visited her. This was the 5th time, and certainly not the last! I think it's crazy how such a big city as London can appear so small and cozy when you walk through the streets. I love the people, I love going on the Underground (I love when this clear voice announces to "Mind the gap" and you feel kinda glad this invisible person with the clear voice saved your a$$), I love the British accent, I love the buildings, the cabs, the phone booths, and everything else. Even the rain doesn't bother me as much as it usually does.

This time I was in London together with Mitchell, my best friend Eva and her boyfriend Stef (in the last picture). Like a double-date vacation. One day Eva told us she saw some really cheap flight tickets online and the four of us jokingly spoke about going somewhere all together, but at some point the joke became a fact. It's pretty fun to see how well our boyfriends can get along together, even though they didn't know each other before, but they happen to have a lot in common - like they both have a really great girlfriend. Both Mitchell and Eva had been in London before, but for Stef it was his first time, so of course we did a lot of the touristic stuff to show him around. Like on the first day we went up to Westminster to see Big Ben look out over the city. I put some pictures of Ben in this first post on London, because it's probably what London is best known for. Rest of the pictures include some more cliches, like us in front of a telephone booth and a typical red mailbox, but mainly pictures of London's streets and buildings, as I tried to re-create the typical London-ish atmosphere in this post as much as I could. Many many more pictures will follow in upcoming posts, so make sure you don't miss out!

What more did we do during our 3-days stay in London? We went to see a musical (Wicked - I love that show! I saw it before here in The Netherlands, but liked it so much I didn't mind seeing it again. It's especially fun when you have seen the Wizard of Oz show first as well), we went to the movies (because we felt like it, and we decided to see some comedy film that we thought the boys would like), and we went on a cable car somewhere quite far from the city center, but it was really fun to go on a ride over the Thames. Naturally we did a lot more than this, but I will save the rest for next posts!!

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Monday, May 23, 2016

HOTSPOT Metropolitain

What a delicious brunch we had in the heart of Amsterdam at Metropolitain. I had the mango bowl and the "eggs metropolitain" which included poached eggs on a piece of brioche, topped off with avocado and bacon... and it was freaking delicious! I would certainly visit Metropolitain again :-) And so should you!! It's a great place to start off your day in the city. Besides the food, I loved the place for it's marble floor, chesterfield sofa, adorable plates with a blue flower design, and plants and flowers that fill the corners and cover the tables in the room. I like!

Feel kinda hungry when looking back at these pictures again :-) I'm a huge foodlover, there's not much food I don't like (except for cheese - I hate cheese when it's not melted!!) and thank god I've got plenty of friends who share my love for food. I also thank god that I'm blessed with a body that's not likely to gain a lot of weight, since I am the exact opposite of what a #healthyfitgirl is like (you might have noticed this when you read at the beginning of this post that I ordered two brunch dishes instead of one. It was indeed hard to finish, but I enjoyed it even more. Even though I'm usually an easy one when it comes to making decisions, I can't make a decision when it comes to breakfast dishes in a restaurant. So I usually go with two choices). As un-fitgirly as I am, I don't like doing sports but I love eating junk food, I'm not gonna lie (only not just junk food - you can wake me up for a bowl of fresh fruit as well). Maybe I should not write this post while hungry because now I can't stop thinking about the sushi I'm about to eat tomorrow. Yummm!

PS. the pretty girl in the pictures is Michelle, my friend and Amsterdam local.

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