Sunday, May 15, 2016

EXPO Irina Ionesco

A while ago in Amsterdam, I went to see an exhibition of the works of Irina Ionesco at Reflex Amsterdam. This expo, called "Ma Realité Rêvée", consisted out of a collection of vintage photographs by Irina Ionesco, French and born 1930, in four different themes: Fafe, Muse, Mort de l'art, and Miroirs. In her work, females are portrayed almost doll-like, in settings that reminded me of a circus or backstage at a theatre. They are dressed in lavish costumes, others in hardly anything, and decorated with large accessories and flowers. Streaks of paint cover their faces, some have a piercing look into the camera - looking right back at you, as if they know you're watching them -, and they often seem like frozen statues in their picture frame. Irina Ionesco's work is so surreal, it really draws you back into a world different from ours. Sometimes it is as if they all have the exact same thoughts, whatever those may be, and you somewhat feel as if they want to tell you you're not part of their mysterious world.

Reflex Gallery is a rather small setting, consisting out of two rooms that feel somewhat homey, which makes it feel good to stroll slowly along the exhibition and stare at each piece at a convenient pace. At Irina Ionesco's expo, I was happy to be alone, as her work is one that should not be talked about (perhaps only write), it is one you should be sucked up into all by yourself to be able to understand the beauty.

While looking back at it, I came to think how wonderful it would be to be able to dress up models in order to create a whole other dreamlike world and immortalizing it through photography. I often take photographs of the world as it is and try to have it in my pictures represented as it is in the real life world, but the more fun is probably in creating something new, something that only exists in your photographs.

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