Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hortus Botanicus

Hi guys! I know this article contains a large amount of pictures that I took at the HortusBotanicus in Amsterdam, but I think I fell in love with the Hortus that day! A couple of weeks ago I was visiting Michelle, who I have known since we were only 3 years old, and who has now moved up to our capital city for college. We were supposed to go out that night, but as we are both very chatty, we ended up talking away for hours until we noticed it was already 3 in the morning… and in Amsterdam (unlike in our hometown Nijmegen), clubs close rather early, around 4am… so we decided to stay at home and wake up early to do something fun during the day. So the next day we decided to visit the Hortus Botanicus and we had a really fun day together! It’s always so nice to catch up with a friend with whom you are very close but whom you don’t see regularly. Still I think it’s so weird that at one moment we were in fourth grade, writing down “best friends forever” on little heart-shaped notes and the next time we’re sitting in Michelle’s apartment, having dinner that we prepared together, talking as if nothing has changed while everything has. Years ago, I think when we were in 6th grade together, Michelle started talking about how she wanted to become a lawyer and wanted go to college in Amsterdam, and I think it’s amazing how she stuck to that plan so far :-) We were not in high school together but we kept seeing each other regularly over the years and I’m sure we will continue to do that, even though now our lives have drastically changed, we’re still having fun together like we used to have in elementary. It’s also funny but weird that our boyfriends happen to be friends as well, like who would have thought of that, years ago?

The Hortus Botanicus is one of the oldest botanical garden in our country. We especially loved the butterfly greenhouse, as well as the one with the palm trees and cactuses. In some of the greenhouses it was incredibly humid, and we talked about how this would probably be what it feels like in Thailand, where we will both travel to this summer with our boyfriends, just on different trips (but we hope to meet ech other up there at some point!). I think the Hortus in Amsterdam is a wonderful and beautiful place, a place that anyone certainly would enjoy. Have you ever been to the Hortus in Amsterdam or any other botanical garden?

I'm pretty happy about how my pictures turned out. I didn't expect them to look so good as my lens was fogged a lot in the greenhouses. What do you think of my pics? Let me know!

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  1. Wauw, wat een prachtige foto's!! Echt HEEL ERG MOOI! Ook een toffe locatie zeg! liefs


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