Monday, May 23, 2016

HOTSPOT Metropolitain

What a delicious brunch we had in the heart of Amsterdam at Metropolitain. I had the mango bowl and the "eggs metropolitain" which included poached eggs on a piece of brioche, topped off with avocado and bacon... and it was freaking delicious! I would certainly visit Metropolitain again :-) And so should you!! It's a great place to start off your day in the city. Besides the food, I loved the place for it's marble floor, chesterfield sofa, adorable plates with a blue flower design, and plants and flowers that fill the corners and cover the tables in the room. I like!

Feel kinda hungry when looking back at these pictures again :-) I'm a huge foodlover, there's not much food I don't like (except for cheese - I hate cheese when it's not melted!!) and thank god I've got plenty of friends who share my love for food. I also thank god that I'm blessed with a body that's not likely to gain a lot of weight, since I am the exact opposite of what a #healthyfitgirl is like (you might have noticed this when you read at the beginning of this post that I ordered two brunch dishes instead of one. It was indeed hard to finish, but I enjoyed it even more. Even though I'm usually an easy one when it comes to making decisions, I can't make a decision when it comes to breakfast dishes in a restaurant. So I usually go with two choices). As un-fitgirly as I am, I don't like doing sports but I love eating junk food, I'm not gonna lie (only not just junk food - you can wake me up for a bowl of fresh fruit as well). Maybe I should not write this post while hungry because now I can't stop thinking about the sushi I'm about to eat tomorrow. Yummm!

PS. the pretty girl in the pictures is Michelle, my friend and Amsterdam local.

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