Sunday, May 8, 2016

L00K: denim skirt, white puffy top, hat

When Mitchell and I were together for one year last month, we spent one day in Utrecht and one in Amsterdam together. We didn’t quite feel like spending money on a hotel somewhere – and traveling for students is free, so look at it as a cheap weekend trip :-) In Utrecht I had Mitchell take pictures of me and I was kind of astonished about how well the pictures turned out – he must be a keeper.
I also like to take plenty of pictures of him as well, until he tells me to “stop taking pictures for God’s sake”. But after one year of being together as a couple, he has now fairly accepted that I walk around with my camera in front of my face a lot. Where he would be annoyed a couple of months ago when I take pictures of food, hashtag foodporn, he would now wait patiently until I’m done. And let me pay the bill (just kidding). He’s also my most loyal reader of my blog – Hi darling, I know you’re reading this – which I think is pretty cute because I’m sure he doesn’t care about the things that I’m interested in if I were not interested in them, but he’s always interested in the stuff I do. Like, a couple of weeks ago I saw The 1975s perform live (there will be some more about this concert later), and when I came home after the concert I wanted to let him hear some of their songs that I liked, and then he confessed he had been listening to those songs at times that I was not at home, because he wanted to know what kind of music I liked, and he really surprised me when he started singing some lines of their songs! Even though I think he was somewhat embarrassed at this confession, I thought it was kind of cute.

What I’m wearing: a denim button-up skirt, a puffed white top that I bought for nearly 3 euros years ago in some sketchy clearance sale, a nice and warm cardigan that I like to wear as a coat on pretty days, shoes that used to be my moms, a bag that I gave to my sister for her birthday one time but that I like to borrow, a lot, and finally my new hat that I already grew very fond of! Let me hear what you think of this L00K! 


  1. Prachtige foto's!
    Een denim skirt is iets wat ik ook nog erg graag wil aanschaffen.

  2. Hele leuke outfit, de tas is echt mooi! En wat schattig van je vriendje!

  3. Super leuke fototjes! Die hoed staat je echt leuk. X


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