Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TRAVEL: London part #1

Here's a first impression of my trip to my second hometown LONDON in March! I love London so much, ever since I walked her streets for the very first time, when I was like twelve years of age, I fell in love with her and I've loved her more and more each time I visited her. This was the 5th time, and certainly not the last! I think it's crazy how such a big city as London can appear so small and cozy when you walk through the streets. I love the people, I love going on the Underground (I love when this clear voice announces to "Mind the gap" and you feel kinda glad this invisible person with the clear voice saved your a$$), I love the British accent, I love the buildings, the cabs, the phone booths, and everything else. Even the rain doesn't bother me as much as it usually does.

This time I was in London together with Mitchell, my best friend Eva and her boyfriend Stef (in the last picture). Like a double-date vacation. One day Eva told us she saw some really cheap flight tickets online and the four of us jokingly spoke about going somewhere all together, but at some point the joke became a fact. It's pretty fun to see how well our boyfriends can get along together, even though they didn't know each other before, but they happen to have a lot in common - like they both have a really great girlfriend. Both Mitchell and Eva had been in London before, but for Stef it was his first time, so of course we did a lot of the touristic stuff to show him around. Like on the first day we went up to Westminster to see Big Ben look out over the city. I put some pictures of Ben in this first post on London, because it's probably what London is best known for. Rest of the pictures include some more cliches, like us in front of a telephone booth and a typical red mailbox, but mainly pictures of London's streets and buildings, as I tried to re-create the typical London-ish atmosphere in this post as much as I could. Many many more pictures will follow in upcoming posts, so make sure you don't miss out!

What more did we do during our 3-days stay in London? We went to see a musical (Wicked - I love that show! I saw it before here in The Netherlands, but liked it so much I didn't mind seeing it again. It's especially fun when you have seen the Wizard of Oz show first as well), we went to the movies (because we felt like it, and we decided to see some comedy film that we thought the boys would like), and we went on a cable car somewhere quite far from the city center, but it was really fun to go on a ride over the Thames. Naturally we did a lot more than this, but I will save the rest for next posts!!

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  1. Wat een leuke vakantie met elkaar! Ik hou ook echt van Londen. Mooie foto's! Liefs

  2. Wauw, wat een mooie foto's! Ik krijg zin om weer naar Londen te gaan, het is zoals je zegt een hele toffe stad!

  3. Super mooie foto's! Als ik dit zie dan wil ik gelijk weer naar Londen: ik vind die stad zo leuk! X


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