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Albums that I listen to on repeat

My taste in music doesn't make any sense to me nor to anyone, so this list below may appear strange to you at first but less after I've explained myself. Lately these albums below are literally the only ones I've been listening to all the time, while going around on my bike, while I'm under the shower, doing my make-up, even right now while I'm writing another freaking blogpost. Sometimes I just can't stand the quiet (at other times, I need it).

I am CRAZY about Anti! In my opinion, this is Rihanna's best album yet. It's so different from all her previous ones, and even though I've always liked her music and amazing voice, I think this album is absolutely thunderously GOOD! A perfect example of "good girl gone better"... 
At first I started listening to the track "Kiss it Better", then to the rest of the album, and the more and more I listened to it, the more and more I liked it, and I find it hard to pick an absolute favorite song because I feel like this entire album altogether is a perfect composition, and I literally listen to it on repeat. Songs that I find especially appealing are "Same Ol' Mistakes", "Woo", "Consideration", but the ballads "Love On The Brain" and "Close To You" as well, so that pretty much sums up to the entire album. In short: a legendary one.
RiRi had a soar throat so her Amsterdam concert had to be rescheduled....which means that I am able to go!!! Woohoo!!! I went to her concert in 2010, when her album 'Loud' just came out, but now I'm even more excited because I'm sure, considering her newest album, this concert will be e-p-i-c.

I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
As you could read in this article, I saw The 1975 live in concert a while ago, which is one more reason to listen to their newest album constantly. The 1975 makes tracks that are rough yet with a cheerful, almost catchy, edge. These more up-tempo songs are the ones that I favor over the ballad-ish songs (except for "A Change of Heart" and "If I Believe You"). Even though Mitchell usually doesn't like the alternative rock music that I like to listen to, I suspect him of secretly liking The 1975 songs (perhaps he finds the band acceptable since their song 'The City' is featured on Fifa '14, that should be a perfect eligible reason). It's hard to say which album I like better, 'I like it when you sleep...' or their previous one, 'The 1975', both have a few really good songs and I actually listen to both of them equally often... but their track "Chocolate" from their first album may be my favorite of all.

If you wait
I've been waiting for months until someone buys me the rather expensive vinyl album of London Grammar. Their music is SO beautiful and I think it will be even more on my record player. Hannah Reid's voice is dreamily, unearthly beautiful and so unique, one that enchants and engulfs every single listener, one that makes you shiver... This music takes you to another place. Like Anti, 'If You Wait' does not contain any tracks that I can't stand and that I have to skip, I could literally listen to the entire album again and again (especially when I'm in this 'London Grammar-mood' and all I want to listen to is this album and no other music can delight me at that moment), but still, from the very beginning the track "If You Wait" has been my favorite. I think it would be so special to see this band perform live... I'd possibly be front row physically but with my mind entirely in the London Grammar-world.

Taylor Swift has always been my guilty pleasure, and I know more of her songs by heart than I should. Taylor's music has changed a lot over the years, and her album 1989 is nothing like that track "Love Story" we liked to scream to years ago, when Taylor still had the excessive curly hair, neither like the music she made when she used to sing about all the shitty men in her life....oh well, she still does ;-) But maybe that's why her music WORKS. We all envy her for having sex with our top 10 celebrity men so we like to say we hate her for being such a slut but in the end I assume we're all just very jealous that she got it all. I hope she will stick with Calvin Harris though, he must be one of my favorite foreign DJs... and at the same time, he's HOT! :-)
So, 1989. This album, like 'Red', is one of a kind and it got me addicted rather quickly. Although it's not entirely true that I listen to it ON REPEAT.... As you all may know, Taylor Swift doesn't have her music available on Spotify because she thinks she doesn't get enough money for it (is what I heard) and that's not the way "art" should be treated. In short, that millionaire a$$ bitch thinks she deserves more money...if that's true that would be a bit sketchy (like why should her music be more artistic than anyone else's, the people who do have their music available on Spotify?) Still, it works. I listened to 1989 an entire flight long (it was a 12 hours flight and it was the only fun album available), and after I got home I immediately downloaded - read: bought - a few tracks of the album on iTunes (like "Welcome to New York" and "Wildest Dreams"), a.k.a. Taylor got me spend money on her artistic music. Oh, well. It's only the second time this works on me. I bought the actual physical album 'Red' when I found out it disappeared on Spotify and I felt that I needed it in my life.

In Return
The main reason why I'm listening to this album a lot is because this summer I'll attend a festival where ODESZA will be performing, and I'm so pumped to see them!! This electronic music is kinda dreamy, in a way that very much appeals to me, and I think it will be even more beautiful to hear loudly through speakers while standing in a crowd of people at an open air festival on a warm summer's day... Sounds pretty perfect to me. I've been listening to this one track "Say My Name" for ages before I decided to try out the rest of the album as well, but I still think it's one of the better ones. Their first album, 'Summer's Gone', is also worth listening to (especially "How Did I Get Here", featuring Lily Allen's track 22).

When I listen to AM, it's usually on my record player, for AM is one of the only vinyl records that I own. Still, I don't think the Arctic Monkeys can ever bore me. I think this album is marvelous, but my favorite Arctic Monkeys' song is from 'Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not', namely, "Mardy Bum". It's hard to pick a fav from AM, as all songs are extraordinary good and pleasant to listen to, but "Knee Socks" and "Snap Out of It" are two that I may like a bit more. And of course, I find it amazing when the beginning of "Do you wanna know?" sounds through my speakers. I wish I'd have seen them live, when they performed at Pinkpop 2014...but I was still in The States at that point, so unfortunately I couldn't make it. I'm very much hoping they will give another show anywhere near & anytime soon because that would be simply fantastic!

So these are all the albums I repeatedly listen to lately, but I'm sure this little list will change over time. Besides these albums, there are also many tracks from other album that are in my Spotify playlist named "Starred" that I listen to a lot. I might share these "Tracks that I listen to on repeat" with you as well, but only if I feel like it (and decide it's shareable enough).

Wondering what albums are on repeat for you guys lately! Let me know in the comments below! :-)

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  1. 1989 is geweldig! Het nieuwe album van Kygo vind ik ook tof.


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