Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Eva in London

Besides taking pictures of buildings and everything else that catches my eye while I'm on a trip, I like taking pictures of people, especially the ones that I'm with, and especially pictures the people in it don't know were taken. Eva happens to be especially photogenic so I decided to dedicate an entire post to the photographs that I took of her while we were in London. I like them a lot, especially the first few (1 to 5) that were taken at Westminster near the Big Ben. (I know it was a lot colder last March than it is now, but I either find it too hard to adjust my blog articles to the particular season we're in or don't care about what season we're in). Now that I'm done talking about London and how awesome that city is and how much I wished to be born a Londoner, I want to express my special thanks to the ones who made this trip great: Stef, Eva, and Mitchell. Thank You!

While I'm finishing sharing all about my London trip with you, at the same time I'm finishing my final semester at school. I'm taking this year's last exam tomorrow and then SUMMER BREAK becomes much more real. The last few things there are left for this school year after tomorrow hardly even count so I think I could say that by tomorrow I'll finally be free to do whatever! Friday I'm leaving for my first festival this season, Pinkpop. The 2013 edition was such an amazing experience, partly due to the a-we-some line-up they had that year (Green Day! The Script! 30 Seconds To Mars! Paramore! Kings of Leon! The Killers! just to name a few). This year the Peppers were 90% of the reason why I got tickets, but from 2013 I remember that I liked just being there so much that I decided to go for the whole weekend again this year. I can't wait to finally relax because these last few days were rather stressful! Glad it's finally over, and now only EXCITING things are coming up! Besides the many new experiences that are expected, I'm so much looking forward to blog much more. Just blogging. Not only do I have much more to share with you -- like I have a whole stack of unpublished pictures and stories waiting, that I haven't shared yet because school kept me busy and I'm too much of a nerd -- I can't wait to just find time to do what I love most. ♥

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  1. mooie pics sab en chill dat je bijna klaar ben en zomervakantie hebt! we moeten echt snel afspreken en foto's maken etc. ga je trouwens hele weekend naar pinkpop?! ik ga (heel random moet je nog vertellen hoe en wat) op zaterdag!


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